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How To Clean Cats Ears? – A Guide To Cleaning Your Cats Ears

Sure a Veterinarian knows how to clean cats ears but, what if you wanted to do it at home yourself? Is it safe for you to clean your cat's ears and how do you do  Read More »

Posted inCat Care & Grooming

Declawing A Cat – Why You Shouldn’t & Helpful Alternatives

When your cat pounces on you and sinks their razor-sharp claws into your feet at 2am, you’ve probably had that split-second thought ‘that’s it, Cat, it’s declawing time’. Situations like these have led many owners  Read More »

Posted inBest Cat Food

What Are The 5 Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Foods?

Specially formulated cat food tends to be more expensive than regular cat food which is why it's important to have a Vet confirm if you really need it. There are many companies specializing in sensitive  Read More »

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