What Is The Name For A Group Of Cats?

What is a group of cats called? It’s probably not this first question that pops into mind when thinking about cats that’s for sure!

The Short Answer

A group of cats is called a Clowder. If you’ve never heard that word before don’t stress, me neither. The group can also go by the name glaring, pounce or funnily enough, destruction. Whilst a litter of kittens can go by kindle.

So there you have it, you’re all set for your next trivia night. For a further look into the word and it’s meaning keep reading.

What Is A Group Of Cats Called?

By definition, Clowder literally translates to, well you guessed it, a group or cluster of cats. No surprise there.

It’s believed the origin of the word dates back to the late 17th century and originates from the word clodder, which basically means to clot.

Clowder is referred to a group consisting of more than 3 cats. Personally, I think destruction of cats is a much cooler term, let alone accurate in a sense. Whatever you call them, I’m sure the ‘clowder’ has no preference.

Here are some other names a group of cats could be called.

  • A cluster of cats
  • Destruction of cats
  • A clutter of cats
  • Glaring of cats.
  • Pounce of cats

What Other Names Do Cats Go By?

If you’re like me, I give them all sorts of names, some I’m not even sure have a meaning or even exist.

The scientific name for cats is in fact, Felis catus. It’s the only domesticated species in the family. Affectionately known as the domestic cat to most people.

There are some other official names a group of cats can go by which I mentioned above. Let’s take a further look into these names.

  • A cluster of cats:
  • Typically used for a group of similar items.
  • Pounce:
  • Cats, of course love to pounce, so this makes for a very fitting name.
  • Clutter of cats:
  • A variant of clowder, clutter is suitable for feral cats.
  • Nuisance:
  • This name applies to house cats. Known to be the common nuisance in neighborhoods.

Individual Cat Names

Individual cats can also be identified by names. Some of these names depend on their sex and whether they are spayed or neutered.

Here are a few unusual names individual cats can go by.


Is the name given to an unneutered male cat.


Fitting I know, this name is given to an unspayed female cat Molly:

Name that’s given to a spayed female.


Suitable name for a neutered male.

Do Cats Prefer To Live In Groups?

It may come as no surprise that cats prefer to live a solitary life. This doesn’t mean that they can’t or don’t live in groups though. Feral cat colonies are known to live as a group or colony, or should I say clowder!

For us it’s a little confusing, being social is part of our nature, therefore living in groups or families is perfectly normal for us. The same can be said for pack animals such as dogs, who in fact share many of our social beliefs.

Because cats are solitary animals by nature, they have learned to be very self sufficient providing there is an availability of food.

This can lead to many people thinking that cats are untrainable, but this isn’t always the case and we see it daily when our cats use the litter box

They don’t always see the need to please their owners, cats over time can definitely be trained. Head on over to the article I wrote for tips on how to train your cat.

Already have cats? Here’s how to make your Clowder of cats work!

If you already have pets and are introducing a new cat into the home there are a few things you can do to smooth the process. It’s important to note that kittens and adult cats socialize in an entirely different way.

When introducing a kitten into your home do so slowly. Let them sit in their cat carrier in an open room, keep noise to a minimum and talk to them softly so they know you’re there. If you have other pets control them and keep them calm around the kitten.

Eventually, kitty should be let out of their carrier and free to explore on their own. Let the kitten come up and smell everyone in their own time.

The same goes for other pets, the main thing is to allow plenty of time for everyone to get to know each other. 

First impressions should be calm, then turn to light play once they feel comfortable.

Kittens really do adjust quickly to new environments and pets. If you have rescued a cat from an animal shelter be sure to ask if they have any specific behavioral traits. 

The process for adult cats is the same, ie: everyone should be calm and quiet. The biggest difference here is time, it can take some time for an adult cat to adjust to its new environment.

They will also already have their own opinions on people and other animals. That being said, over time even the most stubborn cats can warm up to their new home and friends. Never force your cat into an uncomfortable situation for them.

Pro Tip: Let any introductions be on their terms, otherwise you’ll do more damage than good.

Cats are very capable of learning to live in a group given the time to learn how to do so. Let them find their feet within the group, but let them do it on their terms. They’re pretty good at figuring it all out in the end.

Conclusion On What Is A Group Of Cats Called.

Well, there you have it. Next time you see a group of cats you can point to your friends and say, “check out that clowder”. Okay seriously, I don’t expect anyone to do that anytime soon, but you never know.

If you’re looking for tips on how to keep kitty in check, you can head on over to the article on how to discipline your cat the correct way.