Unique Cat Names – 120 Best Cat Names For 2021

Russell Cargill

Looking for Hilarious and unique cat names and ideas? You and can agree that naming your new kitten can be quite challenging. The good news is, there is a way to come up with a great name for your new kitty.

I have compiled a list of over 120 funny and unique cat names to choose from. I’ve got you covered with some hilarious boy cat names as well as girl cat names. I’ve even included some Greek Mythology names incase that’s your thing.

Choosing Your Unique Cat Name

When it comes to choosing a unique name for any pet there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Usually a name that reflects the personality of your pet is how I pick a name. Some pets will just look a certain way and be given a name that suits.

I know it can be difficult but that doesn’t mean it has to be. If your breed of cat is from a specific region of the world perhaps giving it a local name is a good idea.

For example, if you have a Siamese cat think about calling him or her Chanarong, it means Warrior a great unique unisex name.

Greek Mythology Cat Names.

Looking for a unique cat name with a really cool meaning? Greek mythology is a great place to start. Everything from gods and goddesses, to nymphs and Titans all with unique meanings and history. After all cats have been around for thousands of years and it makes for a good story when people ask where you got the name from.

Here are some awesome Greek Mythology Cat Names to choose from.

APOLLO – He is the god of the sun, truth, healing, light, poetry, and more! Apollo is the son of Zeus.

APHRODITE A goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus.

ARES – A god of war, fierce and untamed. Parents are Zeus and Hera.

ATHENA – Goddess of Wisdom and War, a Beautiful warrior.

ARTEMIS – Apollo’s twin sister, she is a Goddess of wilderness and wild animals.

MUSE – There are Nine Muse in Greek Mythology;  drama, music, science, mathematics, philosophy, geography, literature, dance, and especially art. Cats are said to have Nine lives, You guys can do the math.

NIKE – A goddess of Victory, not the sneaker brand.

PERSEPHONE – Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She reigns as queen in the Underworld alongside the god-king, Hades. Persephone is a goddess of vegetation.

ZEUS – Zeus is the king of the gods. He is the god of skies and thunder. Zeus is married to Hera.

CALYPSO – Known for her beauty and ability to seduce, she lives on the Isle of Ogygia.

CHAOS – Chaos is the creator of all things, the first God’s emerged from Chaos.

DEMETER – Goddess of the Harvest.

GAIA – Mother of the Titans, Sea Gods and The Giants.

HERA – Wife of Zeus and Queen of the Gods.

HERMES – The winged god, Hermes, is known for his speed. He is the messenger of the gods.

HEPHAESTUS – God of fire and the forge. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and married Aphrodite.

Unique Cat Names

Like us, our pets are unique so remember to consider their personality when choosing a unique cat name. If they have any unique features such as stripes, spots or even a patch over the eye area this can also be a good way of coming up with a unique name.

If you are looking for a Unique name outside of the ordinary, I have included some interesting names and meanings below.

Heka: The Ancient Egyptian magical system.

Jade: Jade is a stone used for healing and protection. Green jade is used for calming and soothing, while red jade promotes friendships and prosperity.

Jinx: A Magic spell or enchantment that brings calamity.

Malachite: Malachite is an opaque green stone, great for those piercing green eyes your kitty might have.

Sodalite: This is a bright blue stone, it is used to promote calmness. This stone represents the spiritual light of a balanced spirit and mind. Soda, for short.

Sphynx: In ancient Greece, a creature with a woman’s head, a lion’s body, and wings.

Suerte: “Lucky” in Spanish.

Halo: A ring of light surrounding the head of a holy individual or deity.

Karma: The Hindu or Buddhist belief that the repercussions for your actions in this life will carry over into your next life.

Kismet: Destiny or fate.

Chanceux: “Lucky” in French (pronounced shan-soo).

Mantra: A sacred word or sound believed to have psychological or spiritual powers when repeated.

Troy: A greek mythology site where the Trojan War took place.

Achilles: The mythological hero of the Trojan War famous for his heroic behaviour and beauty.

Funny Male Cat Names

If you don’t think your kitty will mind, here are some Funny Male Cat Names to think of. Just go easy on the little guy.

Mr. Meowgi

Cat Damon


Brad Kitt

Hairy Potter

Jude Paw

Abraham Lynxin

Butch Catsidy


Colin Furrel

Paw McCartney

Ron Furgandy or Ron Purgandy

The Great Catsby

Ricky Purrvais

Leopardo DiCatrio

Funny Female Cat Names

If the main stream of cat names doesn’t suit your little princess, some hilarious ideas are listed below. I’ve met some really sassy female cats in my time and they all seemed to have a fierce name.

Catalie Portman

Cat Middelton

Cat Winslet

Cindy Clawford

Cleo Catra

JK Meowling



Ali Cat

Katy Purry


Margaret Scratcher

Cat Puns and Names To Keep In Mind

If you’re looking to give kitty a second name or even a cool nickname, a punny name might be a good place to start. They’re not to be taken to seriously of course, but they do make for a good laugh.

Here are some punny cat names to think about.






Fat Cat





Elvis Catsley

Fuzz Aldrin

Genghis Cat




Black Cat Names

Naming your cat after its fur colour is a popular choice. I have included some of these ideas as they make for a simple yet effective name.

I do recommend thinking outside the box and trying a descriptive unique cat name in another language. For example Cerin, its meaning is, little dark one in Gaelic.

Is there anything cooler than a black cat named batman? What if he had a bat symbol on his collar? Yeh, didn’t think so.







Lady of the Night


Eight Ball




Pango – It means black in Maori

Schwarz – German for Black.

Kuro – Japanese for Black.

Check out our list of over 200+ Japanese cat names with meanings

Tabby Cat Names

Did you know there are 5 easy to identify Tabby cat types?

  • Classic Tabby
  • Mackerel Tabby
  • Ticked Tabby
  • Spotted Tabby
  • Patched Tabby

The type of Tabby you have may help in naming your new kitty. Keep this in mind when thinking of a name for him or her.

I put together the best Tabby cat names that should inspire some ideas.

Neapolitan ( My pick if you have a tri-colored Tabby )






Notorious C.A.T

Tiger Swift



Unusual Cat Names

Some of our kitties have an unusual look about them. Some even have an unusual personality. It’s not a bad thing, so why not give them an unusual cat name to go with it.




Deja Vu


Mr. Bigglesworth


Best Siamese cat names

Originating from Thailand with eyes as blue as the ocean that borders it, Siamese make great pets. Did you know they are one of the first distinctive cat breeds. Why not try and give him or her a Thai name.

Chanarong – Is a Warrior, a unique unisex name.

Mali – A female cat name that means flower or jasmine.

Isra – This female cat name has the meaning of “nocturnal journey”

Kasem – Meaning happiness, a very suitable male cat name.

Klahan – Another male cat name meaning brave, suitable for that sassy feline.

Kanya – A female cat name,, meaning young daughter. Very cool.

Niran – A unique male cat name meaning Eternal.

Ratana – Another unique cat name suitable for girls, ratana means crystal.

Sunan – Another male cat name, this one means Good Word. I think it sounds nice and is another unique cat name.

Vanida – A female cat’s name meaning, Girl. A clear cut way of naming your female cat.

Persian Names

I could give you a list of over 100 names just for your Persian Cat, for now I will stick with our top picks.













Funny Orange Cat Names

I hold a soft spot for our little orange cat. Here are some funny orange tabby cat names.







Henry Hissenger

Funny White Cat Names

The same principal I used for black cat’s can apply to white cats. Here are some examples for a unique white cat name.


Ice Ice


Whip Cream


Sir Coconut







More Funny Unique Cat Names

I forgot to mention our favourite cat name of all. If you guessed Grubby you are right. I hope the selection of names have inspired you, perhaps you came up with your own unique cat name.

There are endless names that I could list and if for some reason you’re still having trouble I suggest heading to www.findcatnames.com/ they literally have hundreds of cat names to choose from, they make it super easy also.

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