The Best Anime Cat Characters

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Growing up I loved watching anime however, I never realized how many of them featured anime cat characters. 

If you didn’t already know, anime is a style of Japanese film or television animation. One I’m sure you’ve heard of is Pokemon which features the character Meowth who actually made it into this list. 

Aside from cats featuring in awesome series and movies, the Maneki-Neko a popular cat figurine also represents good luck and good fortune. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular anime cat characters and find out a little bit more about them.

Happy – Fairy Tail & Edens Zero

Appearing in the popular manga series Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, happy is a blue male cat. He is famous for being a big eater and anthropomorphic cat. That means he has human traits.

His character is very comical and he always accompanies the leading anime characters on their adventures.

anime cat happy


He is 6 years old and his powers can transform him into a winged cat with white feathered wings.

A companion of a female protagonist, Happy is an alien android in Edens Zero. When needed he has the ability to convert into a pair of blaster weapons.

Happy’s character has been through several developmental changes, while still remaining popular among viewers because of his heroism and humor.

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Kiara – Sonic Adventure 3

Kiara is from the Sonic Adventure 3 series. A sweet, shy, and innocent cat, she is the most sensitive in her group.

Kiara the cat

Kiara’s style definitely stands out and she is very cute! Although she is cheery, Kiara gets angry quite easily, especially when she is pushed to the extreme.

Her powers allow her to shoot energy balls or a large laser with her hands. She also knows martial arts and has mystical powers.

Despite her temper, she is very kind, especially to those in need. Together with her friends, they were captured and saved by Team Sonic. 

Blair – Soul Eater

Blair is a shapeshifter with very strong magic who was mistaken as a witch. Her she has great power, it can only affect inanimate objects.

Blair anime human


A supporting character of the Soul Eater series, her magic consists of pumpkins that she uses as bombs.

Pump-Pumpkin, Pumpkin. That’s the mantra that she recites before using her powers. Blair can command her hat known as Zwan, to change into a hand when needed.

Fun and flirty, Blair is also good at understanding people. When she is not a cat, her human form is a young woman who is well endowed and has violet hair with long strands on each side of her face.

In cat form, she is purple with large yellow eyes. 

blair anime


Madara – Natsume Yuujinchou – Book Of Friends

In the series Natsume’s Book of Friends, Takashi Natsume is a 15-year-old orphaned boy who can see spirits in objects.

He inherited his power from his late grandmother who gave him the book that contains the names of spirits.



His loyal companion, Madara, is a powerful beast youkai. Takashi’s mission is to return all the names in the book back to their original owner. In the manga, he has silver hair and considered attractive.

Reserved and soft-spoken, he is kind to both humans and youkai. His fighting abilities do not work on humans, only to youkai.

Nyanko-Sensei or Madara is one of the main characters in Natsume’s Book of Friends.


At first, he has a problem with Natsume being too kind but he eventually grows to like him. As the bodyguard of Natsume, he helps him return names to youkai. 

Round and cute, he takes the form of a beckoning cat. In cat form, he is white with an orange and grey marking on the top of his head and back. Wearing a red cat collar with a gold bell, Madara also has small red markings on his face and black eyes.

He can be selfish, comical, and prideful just like a typical cat, while Natsume is a kind person.

Luna – Pretty Garden Sailor Moon

Featuring in the series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Luna is a black cat. She has red eyes in the anime but in the manga and live-action series, her eyes are blue.

Luna sailor moon


She acts as an advisor to Queen and Princess Serenity. Luna was put to sleep when the kingdom fell and was sent back to Earth to look after the Sailor Guardians.

Her quest was to find the Sailor Guardians, along the way she found Usagi Tsukino who is coincidentally the reincarnated Princess Serenity.

Luna can be bossy but, she was voted the eighth most popular character in the first official Sailor Moon popularity poll. 

Charlie or Carla – Fairy Tale Series

Charlie is also called Charle or Carla and features in the Fairy Tail series. She is a very serious and strict female white cat.

Aside from being a close companion to Wendy Marvell, she is the daughter of Queen Shagotte. When she uses her magic, she sprouts two angel-like wings and can fly.

anime cat


She has a pink Guild Mark located on her back. She doesn’t like tomcats, and rarely shows emotions. Charlie will usually turn her nose up at everyone except for Wendy.

Later in the series, she has begun to show her softer side and has turned a liking to Happy, her mission companion. 

Meowth – Pokemon

Who doesn’t know Meowth? You know the one from the famous Team Rocket!

This anime cat antagonizes the main characters in the Pokemon anime. The arch-nemesis of Pikachu, he is one of the few Pokemon that has the ability to speak. The brains behind Team Rocket, he is responsible for many of their failed plans.

Meowth anime cat


Mischievous and selfish, he has a sad background. Meowth lived on the streets in Hollywood when he was younger and was part of a gang that terrorized the neighborhood.

In his journey, he found a female Meowth named Meowzie but she rejected him. So he taught himself to speak and walk like a human to impress her but she still rejected him.

Meowth is one of the original 151 Pokemon and his attacks include using his claws. Although, if you know anything about Pokemon, he wasn’t very successful at winning battles.

Frosch – Fairy Tail

Frosh has green fur and dresses up as a pink frog. With cute rosy cheeks and the ability to walk around on her hind legs like a human.



She is an exceed or a race of anime cat-like beings that exist in Edolas and divine rulers of humans. A happy-go-lucky cat, Frosch gets along with everyone as she agrees with whatever they say. She also has a habit of asking questions most of the time.

Frosch is in the Fairy Tail anime and her name means frog in German. She is considered to be the weakest character in the anime, although she is willing to protect her loved ones.  

Sakamoto – Nichijou

A male black cat, Sakamoto famously wears a red scarf. He appears in Nichijou where his original name was Taisho until he ran away.

Sakamoto - Nichijou


Like most cats, he enjoys playing with small objects. Acting like a middle-aged man, he is condescending towards Nano and Hakase, who are his owners. This is supposed to show his authority.

Although playful like most cats, he tries to hide it from them to avoid being seen as immature and childish. Sometimes, he also acts like he is helpless.

Hakase gave him the power of speech. Viewers think he is fun to watch, he is considered to be one of the best anime cat characters. 

Arthur – Code Geass

Arthur, a black and gray cat in Code Geass. He is clumsy to the point where he unintentionally stole a mask in one of the episodes.

Being a stray, the students decided to adopt him. “Lelouch the second” was the first name they chose for him but they eventually opted for Arthur.

Arthur anime cat


He has a habit of swatting and biting Suzaku. He is a friendly feline. Suzaku took Arthur with him to Britannia, a nation born from the defeated remnants of the British Empire.

After Suzaku’s death, he found a new owner. Showing his loyalty to Suzaku, he watches over his grave in the middle of the night. 

Anime is a Japanese animation in the form of a television series or movie. What makes anime so cool is that it’s suited for both adults and children. 

Anime was gaining popularity throughout the 20th century with films dating back to the early 1900’s. Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Yugioh are some of the biggest anime’s of all time and certainly boosted its popularity throughout the United States.

Anime is popular for many reasons, on being the awesome animations and unique storylines. Anime girls are also a huge attraction for its popularity, with most characters having athletic bodies and large breasts.

Whatever the reasons anime is here to stay and is only growing in popularity. Some of the anime character names are popular pet names. 

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The Baron – The Cat Returns

The Baron anime Source:

Blond, male, and an anthropomorphic cat, the Baron appears in the animated fantasy film, The Cat Returns and the Whisper of the Heart.

Known for being fully dressed, wearing a top hat and shoes, he comes to life at night. He first appeared in the Whisper of the Heart as a statue or figurine, but because of popular demand, he got a role in The Cat Returns.

As someone who works in the Cat Bureau, his mission is to help Haru, a schoolgirl who got engaged to a royal cat family return home. Will he be successful in rescuing Haru? 

Artemis – Salior Moon

One of the cats in Sailor Moon, Artemis is a white cat and companion of Minako Aino. In the anime, he has blue eyes but in the manga and live-action series has green eyes.

Has an easy-going character, Artemis was one of the advisors to Queen Serenity, together with Luna, his partner.

Anime cats


He has the ability to talk and the only male character who has the crescent moon symbol on his forehead.

He has a daughter named Diana, after his marriage to Luna. Even though he is proud of himself, Artemis is loyal, smart, and a brave cat. 

Conclusion On The Best Anime Cat Character

While this list comprises of anime cat characters only, there are hundreds of other anime characters that are well-loved. 

With awesome storylines and over the top drama and hard to beat fight scenes anime sure leaves a lasting impression. 

Would you make any changes to this list?