Kitten Teething Toys By Petstages – Product Review & Guide

Petstages design and innovative fun pet products inspired by veterinarians and you. They’re focused on finding better ways to improve your pet’s behavior, development and health through play at any stage.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing their top kitten teething toys and what makes them so good. Keep reading below to find out if your cat needs a teething toy and why they can benefit from one.

Top Picks For The Best Kitten Teething Toys By Petstages

Do Kittens Need Teething Toys? 

When kittens teeth begin to break through the gums they can begin to cause discomfort, just the same as it does with humans. 

Providing your kitten with a chem toy can be a really good way of giving them some relief. When they bite down on the toy, the pressure helps relieve gum pain. A kitten teething toy can also assist teeth to break through the gums quicker. 

Anything that can speed up the process will ultimately shorten the time period your kitty is feeling discomfort. However, don’t expect your cat to chew on the toy all day every day. 

Only the permanent adult teeth will cause your kitty discomfort, so they might only teeth a couple of times every couple of weeks. 

Kitten Teething Toys By Petstages

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How Do I Know If My Kitten Is Teething?

There are a couple of signs to look for to determine if your kitten is teething, such as their specific meows. Yes just like human babies, cats have a different meow for different situations. 

If you want to learn more about cat language so you can better understand what your cat is trying to tell you click the article linked. 

Once you figure out their specific meow there are the more obvious signs to look for. If your kitten starts to chew on items around the home, especially soft items this can be a sign of teething. 

Chewing on soft items such as bedding, handbags, door stoppers is a sign they are looking to relieve their gum discomfort caused by teething. 

Another sign a kitten could be teething is if they’re eating less. Naturally, if they have sensitive gums and sore teeth they won’t want to eat too much. It’s important to monitor your kitten’s food intake if they aren’t eating it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. 

Finally, if you notice teeth dropping out, get yourself a kitten teething toy right away. Chew toys can help promote adult teeth to come through and relieve pain caused by sensitive gums. 

At What Age Do Kittens Teeth?

Kittens are born with no teeth and it will take around two weeks for small razor like teeth to appear at the front of their mouth. 

It will take about 4 weeks for their fangs or canines to come through at the front of the jaw. After 6 weeks your kitten will begin to develop premolars known as milk teeth. 

From 6 weeks all the way up to 11 weeks old, your kitten should now have all their milk teeth, totaling four canine teeth, 10 premolars and 12 incisors. All of which makes up for the cutest little meow smiles. 

Shortly after all the milk teeth are in place they will begin to fall out. This process will take place until they are about 4 months old. By this time your kitten will have all of their permanent incisors. 

The permanent 4 canine teeth or fangs will be in place at the age of 5 months and when they are 6 months old they will have all 10 adult premolars in place. 

Finally, by the time they reach early adulthood or their late kitten stages your kitten will likely have all their teeth in place. A total of 30 teeth fit inside their tiny little heads. 

When do cats stop growing? You can read more about that in the article linked. 

Simple Tips To Stop Your Kitten From Chewing

The Obvious – Instead of letting them chew your finger or furniture, buy them a chew toy they’ll love. 

Practice Discipline – Believe it or not, you can actually train your cat and discipline them. Click the link to learn more about how to discipline your cat

Teach Them The Word Ouch Or No! – Yes it works, I used to think my mom was joking saying she trained her cats these words but, it worked. Mom still claims she trained her cat the word sit before meals however, I’m not convinced. 

Conclusion On Petstages Kitten Teething Toys

Petstages kitten teething toys are a favourite among all pet owners and for good reason. They have thousands of reviews and most of them are positive.

Petstages actually listen to their customers and when they get a complaint they are happy to address it rather than shy away from it. That’s a testament to their commitment to providing us with the best product they can at the best prices they can.

Overall Petstages make for a great choice when choosing your next pet product. I highly recommend them.

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