The Peterbald – 10 Things To Know About The Peterbald Breed

Peterbald cats are a very unique breed however, many people get them mixed up with the Sphynx.

While they look similar at first, the Peterbald is a completely separate and unique breed originating from Russia.

What Is The Difference Between A Peterbald And A Sphynx Cat?

Many people will get confused between a Peterbald and an Oriental Shorthair. Take a quick look at the two and it’s easy to see why. So what are the main differences between the two? More on that below.

The Peterbald is definitely its own breed. The current Peterbald is outcrossed to Orientals and Siamese, which enables it to maintain good health and longevity within the breed. 

They do share similar personalities and you can expect the Peterbald to be as outgoing as the Siamese and equally as vocal. They actually share similar traits to our canine friends, making it very easy for them to fit into any family. 

Did You Know? Although the Peterbald breed has little to no hair, you’ll still need to give them a brush from time to time. Check out this list of the best cat brushes for your cat.

Peterbald Compared To The Sphynx

While they might look similar at first, a closer look will have you realize they are quite different. It’s easy to see a hairless cat and think they are all the same breed. 

If I can get a bit scientific here, the gene that makes the Peterbald hairless is the more dominant gene. With the Sphynx, the gene that makes them bald is a recessive gene. The bottom line is they are a different breed. 

Their coats are also different from one another. A Peterbald can have a variety of lengths to it, from sticky and bald all the way through to a brush feeling coat. The Sphynx will feel like a chamois or fuzzy peach if you will. 

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The Peterbald will have an elongated head, while the Sphynx will have facial features of a shorter, wider face. A sphynx will also have lemon-shaped eyes, while the Peterbald will have almond-shaped eyes. 

Their bodies are slightly different also, with Peterbalds having longer bodies and limbs. Even the ear set will be lower on a Peterbald. 

Okay so you get the point, there are several differences between these two breeds that make them individual. 

Where Do Peterbald Cats Come From?

The story has it that back in 1993, an Oriental Shorthair named Radma Von Jagerhof was bred with a Don Sphynx named Afinguen Myth. 

It was experimental breeding and one of the kittens known as Nocturne Iz Murino later become the foundation of the Peterbald breed. The International Cat Association finally accepted the breed into competition in 2005. 

To this day the Peterbalds remain a highly sought after breed by many all over the world. 

How much is a Peterbald cat?

Given the nature of this breed and it’s exclusivity, a Peterbald kitten can cost around $1000 USD. With a loving nature and strong genetics, these cats are always going to be highly sought after. 

The average Peterbald will weigh around 9 pounds and live past 12 years old.

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The Peterbald Has 5 different Coats.

  • Bald — Somewhat sticky to touch, they have no hair, whiskers or eyebrows. 
  • Chamois — They will feel like a chamois, about 90% hairless. Not sticky to touch.
  • Velour — With a coat up to 1mm in length or 70% hairless. 
  • Brush — This is unique to Peterbalds, they will feel like velvet to touch. Their hair can be up to 5mm long.
  • Straight — No hair loss gene present, and they will have a short coat with whiskers. 

How Do You Groom A Peterbald Cat?

Some people would think that grooming a Peterbald would require no effort at all due to their lack of fur. However, that’s not entirely true when grooming a Peterbald. Because they have no hair they actually require special attention when grooming. 

Another factor to consider is that these cats should be kept indoors due to their lack of hair. They find it hard to keep warm in the colder months of the year and you should consider getting them a heat mat if you live in extreme weather. 

It’s recommended that you bath a Peterbald once a week to maintain their coat and skin. You can also use cat wipes daily to remove any dandruff or dirt that sticks to them. 

Be careful not to overdo it with them as this can cause their skin to dry out and will irritate them. If you own a Bald fur type, they will need extra attention as their skin can become very oily or dry. It’s always a good idea to ask your vet for a grooming routine recommendation if you are unsure.

Getting them used to water at a young age is a very good idea, as you may be aware most cats aren’t going to enjoy bath time. The younger you introduce it the easier your life will be later on. 

Use clean warm water, and pour the water over their body with a small cup or by hand. You can use a formulated shampoo or find the best cat shampoos here. 

Make sure to give the ears and paws a really good clean, a lot of bacteria can build up here. The same goes with the tail, give that a good wash as the tail can actually be prone to blackheads. 

Bathing Steps

Have everything you need to be prepped before you begin bathing. A good routine will look like the following:

  • Prefill the sink with warm water.
  • Have a container of clean water handy, and a clean towel.
  • Apply some oil or cat shampoo to your cat before putting them in the sink. Pay attention to their underlegs, belly, ears, and tail. 
  • Place them in the sink and give them a further bathe, working the shampoo into a lather then do A rinse. 
  • Finally, rinse them off with the clean container of warm water. 
  • Grab your soft towel and dry them off. 

If you find yourself struggling you can buy some winter gloves to help hold your cat. They also hold the shampoo and are gentle on your cat’s skin. 

Do I Need To Bathe A Peterbald Cat?

Yes, as covered above in the grooming routine you absolutely need to bathe your Peterbald. At the very least if you can’t manage to bathe them at home use cat wipes. When they need bathing and you can’t do it you should ask your vet on your options. 

They Love Attention

When I say love attention I mean they will constantly seek you out for attention. Whether you’re sitting down for breakfast or trying to read a book in a quiet corner, the Peterbalds will want to be with you. 

If they can’t be with you they will definitely make themselves heard. They are very vocal cats and constantly want to have a conversation with you. They have been compared to dogs with how affectionate they are. 

So if you’ve had a bad day and want a best friend to come home to, the Peterbald is your friend in need. 

They Get Along With Other Cats And Dogs

The Peterbalds are a highly intelligent breed and love affection. They’re playful and retain their kitten-like behavior into their adult years. 

Their character traits make them great with babies and other pets. Being active and outgoing they will be right at home playing fetch with their canine friends. 

When it comes to sleep time, they will seek you or their other furry friend for cuddles. If you have guests over on a regular basis they’ll be there to greet them at the door. 

They really do make for a great all-round pet!

Diet And Nutrition Requirements

Just like other cats, Peterbalds need a healthy balanced diet to remain in peak physical condition. They’re susceptible to weight-related issues such as heart disease or obesity. They will require a high protein diet and regular play. 

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They have a high metabolism, meaning you will probably see them eating quite regularly. Not to worry though as their high energy and love of play allows them to burn the calories needed. Their natural high metabolism also helps them recover fast from any injuries they might sustain. 


Do Peterbald cats have hair?

Although technically bald, the Peterbald can have a very fine coat up to 5mm in length. There are 5 different variations of coats.

How much is a Peterbald cat?

Peterbalds can fetch as much as $1000 from a breeder. Look into adoption before contacting a breeder.

Are Peterbald Cats Hypoallergenic?

Despite their lack of a coat, Peterbalds aren’t a hypoallergenic breed. Anyone who is allergic to cats can have a reaction to the Peterbald.