Ojos Azules “Blue Eyes” Cat Breed Information And Pictures

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Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules cat breed is highly sought after due to its rarity. Since it’s so uncommon to find one of these cats, they’re not widely popular. However, for those who are able to find this breed, the Ojos Azules makes for an amazing pet with their personable, playful, and friendly personality type.

Their name Ojos Azules which is Spanish for “blue eyes” is quite fitting as the breed is a striking blue-eyed cat, making them quite attractive and unique in appearance.

Ojos Azules Breed Overview
Height8-10 inches (20-25 cm)
Weight9-12 lbs (4-5 kg)
Lifespan10-12 years
Suitable for…Homes with other pets, children, or elderly
TemperamentFriendly, playful, and loyal
Breed Traits Overview

History Of The Ojos Azules Cat Breed

The Ojos Azules is a newer cat breed, having been found by accident in 1984. A tortoiseshell female cat with bright blue eyes was found in a feral cat population in New Mexico and later bred in hopes that more blue-eyed kittens would come.

Once a feline geneticist, Solveig Pfleuger, got involved and he was able to discover the physical differences between Ojos Azules when bred with like genes, which led him to uncover the mutations that can occur quite easily in the breed.

It was not until 1991 that The International Cat Association recognized the Ojos Azules as an official breed, and at this point, there were still only 10 known individuals in the population.

Today, it’s unknown exactly how many Ojos Azules exist as breeding was suspended due to a high risk for cranial deformities in the breed. Therefore, there is no longer an official breed registry where future cat owners can find Ojos Azules to purchase. 

This is not to say that there are no registries in existence made by cat breeders, but that going about finding one of these cats will be more challenging than most other breeds.

How Much Does The Ojos Azules Cost?

When able to find a breeder with Ojos Azules, the price of one of these cats from a reputable breeder tends to range between $700 and $1,500. Estimating between €587 and €1260, £503 to £1078, and A$930 to A$1993.

With how rare the breed is, this is a logical price point for Ojos Azules; however, since there are genetic abnormalities in the cat if they are not bred correctly, the pressure is higher to find the best breeder possible.

In finding the most experienced breeder and cutting the risk of defects, you may end up paying the higher end of this range or even more than this range depending on where the cats are located.

Personality Traits Of The Ojos Azules

Due to the rarity of the breed, very little consistent knowledge is known about the personality of the Ojos Azules. While individuals that have been bred were described as being very friendly, affectionate, and loyal, there is not a large population to go off of.

Those that have been fortunate enough to bring an Ojos Azules into their home report their cats being very social. Because of this, they can thrive in any household type. As with many other breeds, it’s recommended to introduce them to children or other pets while they are still kittens to ensure they are comfortable. Since the breed is known for being gentle, once they are acclimated to their environment, they should interact nicely with younger children.

Since they are such loving cats, they require attentive owners that are willing to cuddle up with them. Because of this, they make excellent lap cats and will really enjoy being touched and picked up by their human family.

The Ojos Azules also have a desire to play and be active at certain points in their day; therefore, not only should you be willing to play with them but you should also give them the option of different toys. Providing forms of enrichment is even more important since they’re intelligent cats that will crave stimulation.

This will not only keep them happy and entertained when you’re not around, but will also be vital for keeping their brains active and keep them from getting into household items. When not getting the affection or stimulation they need, they can be quite vocal cats. If your Ojos Azules is constantly vocalizing to you, they may need more attention than you’re currently giving to them.

How To Take Care Of A Ojos Azules

Even though we’ve established that there is not as much known about this breed as there is about others, you will find that caring for them is easy since they don’t have many breed-specific needs.


Ojos Azules are generally a healthy breed without any big issues with obesity and there are no specific nutritional guidelines to follow. As with all cats, you should be feeding them a high-quality diet with all of the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy body condition score.

It’s always recommended to purchase foods that list meat or fish products as the first ingredient on the food to ensure it’s not full of fillers. Any food product that lists carbohydrates as the main ingredients will add fat to your cat without filling their nutritional requirements. Always check with your veterinarian to ensure you are feeding a proper diet as your cat grows into different phases of its life.


Ojos Azules love to play and because of that, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of toys! If you’re not keen on your cat jumping on the furniture, consider getting them a cat tree so they can climb and scratch. The taller the cat tree, the better for this breed!

Other types of enrichment to consider are Kong toys or any type of puzzle where they have to work to get treats out. This will keep them active and challenge their mind; not to mention, toys like these will keep them busy for longer periods of time!

If you don’t have access to any toys, be sure to actively make an effort to play with them every day to release any energy they have. You can do this by making simple toys at home with fabric or a string that your cat can chase. 


With intelligent breeds like the Ojos Azules, training is vital at a young age as they are more receptive to learning new skills and have not yet made bad habits.

To get started with training, it can be helpful to start with simple commands and use lots of incentives in the form of treats to get your cat to understand what you are aiming to teach them!

Once you’ve gotten your training method down, you can train them to better tolerate medical care both from veterinarians and from yourself when you are grooming them. Alternatively, you can train them to utilize their own furniture, like the cat tree, for scratching and litter box train them. 


Since hair length can vary in the Ojos Azules, there is no consistent set of guidelines for grooming this breed; rather, you will need to take it case by case after determining the coat type of your cat.

Regardless of if your cat ends up having shorter or longer fur, you should try to stick to brushing them about once a week. This will reduce the amount of hair being shed around your home and will keep their skin healthier. For a longer coated Ojos Azules, consider brushing a bit more often, especially if your cat is extremely active and prone to hairballs. 

For those with allergies, be sure to find a brush that will remove the dander off of your cat as well since this breed is not hypoallergenic. By pairing that with a good shampoo, you will be able to alleviate some of the shedding to reduce any allergy symptoms.

Two other important aspects of grooming that you should introduce to your cat from a young age are nail trimming and tooth cleaning. While many cat owners don’t brush their cat’s teeth, it can significantly improve their health!

Since the mouth is the starting place for all diseases, if you can keep your cat’s oral hygiene up, you may find benefits beyond just fresher breath. If toothbrushing is something you’re willing to take on, be sure to buy a cat-specific toothbrush for optimal cleaning.  

Nail trimming can often be a part of grooming that owners dread… this is because cats generally dislike getting their nails cut and will not sit still for the process. A great way to ease your cat’s stress during this time is to start nail trimming as young as possible! The more they can get used to the process, the calmer they will remain.

Start slowly and gently with the nail trimming and invest in good nail clippers for further ease. If you can keep your cats’ nails trimmed, you will see huge benefits in the longevity of your furniture, especially with a breed like the Ojos Azules who loves to climb, jump, and scratch on furniture!


The primary reason the Ojos Azules are not more widely seen is due to the genetic defects that are often seen in kittens. This is why the feline geneticist, Solveig Pfleuger, mentioned previously, was so involved in the breeding of these cats.

Depending on the gene type of the two adult cats breeding, kittens can be born with defects such as cranial deformities and small curled tails. While tail deformities are not as impactful throughout the cat’s life, cranial abnormalities can greatly impact the lifespan and basic functioning of the individual.

One benefit of the Ojos Azules cat is that they tend not to have issues with their eyes, despite the bright blue color. Oftentimes, cats with this eye color suffer from blindness or crossed eyes; however, neither of these have been observed in the Ojos Azules.

When Ojos Azules cats are born healthy with no physical defects, they remain very healthy and active cats their entire lives. 

If you have found a breeder and are reserving a kitten, be very cautious of sending through any payments before the kittens are born to avoid supporting the unethical breeding of cats with birth defects. Wait and purchase Ojas Azules kittens only after you’ve seen them for yourself and can ensure they don’t have any potential genetic mutations that may be fatal.

Physical Attributes Of The Ojos Azules

Although breeds like the Ojos Azule can vary greatly in their appearance based on coloration and coat type, there are a few features that set this beautiful breed apart from similar breeds.

  • Head: With an average-sized triangular-shaped head and bright eyes the Ojos Azules have striking looks. They have rounded foreheads and a slightly beaked nose.
  • Body: They have medium-sized bodies that are slender and athletic
  • Ears: Ojos Azules have large triangular-shaped ears, often looking large compared to their head size.
  • Eyes: Their bright blue eye color is one of their most striking features. Their eyes are rounded and prominent in size.
  • Legs and paws: The length of their legs and size of their paws are proportional to their body size with front legs being slightly longer than their back legs.
  • Tail: The Ojos Azules’ tail is proportional to their body size with flattened tail tips. This is another signature feature of the breed.
  • Coat: While varying slightly in length, the coat of the Ojos Azules is silky, thin, and soft.
  • Color: The coat colors of the breed can vary greatly. They often have white patches but will rarely be solid white as they tend to have dark coats.

Conclusion On The Ojos Azules Cat Breed

The Ojos Azules make for great pets when healthy kittens can be found for purchase. In addition to their distinct beauty, you will find they have very appealing personalities.

Their mixture of spirited energy and adoring affection makes them the ultimate breed for those looking for a very hands-on and interactive cat.

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