Nebelung Cat Breed Information And Pictures

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Nebelung cat breed

This silky hair breed was originally thought to be a Russian Blue longhair. After feedback from breeders that a blue coat on a longhaired cat was not in line with the Russian Blue breed standard, they were recognized as their own separate breed.

Their unique coat sets them apart from other breeds and is a major cause for their popularity among cat lovers. 

Nebulung Cat Breed Overview
Height9-13 inches
Weight7-15 lbs
Lifespan13-16 years
ColorsGray often accompanied with silver tones
Suitable forFamilies with other pets or children, elderly, or singles
TemperamentFriendly, affectionate, and playful
Breed Traits Overview

History Of The Nebelung Cat Breed

The Nebelung is a relatively new cat breed with breeding beginning in the 1980s. Cora Cobb gifted a black domestic short-hair cat to her son which mated with a Russian Blue male. The result was a litter with one male kitten with blue hair. This kitten was longhaired and unique, so the family kept him.

A few years later, the breeding pair had more kittens, and again, one female kitten had the same long blue hair. The family decided they would keep this kitten as well. Since the two blue kittens were male and female, Cobb started a breeding program with the pair. 

At the start of their breeding program, they saw the cats as Russian Blues however, they weren’t short-haired Russian Blue cats which differentiated them. 

Because of this, other Russian Blue breeders didn’t accept claiming these individuals as one of their breeds. This is when the name Nebelung was given, which means “creature of the mist” in German.

Cobb began writing the breed standards with the help of Solveig Pflueger of The International Cat Association. She copied that of the Russian Blue while simply changing the coat length standard.

The International Cat Association recognized the breed in 1987 and the American Cat Fanciers Association a few years later. These are the only two associations that have recognized the breed up to this point. 

How Much Does A Nebelung Cost?

This breed remains very rare as Nebelung catteries are few and far between. If you can track down a reputable breeder, you should expect to pay between $600 and $1,200 on average for a kitten. If you’re looking to purchase an adult cat, your average cost will likely be lower. 

Originating in the United States, they’re most commonly available for purchase in North America. With a breed as fun and personable as the Nebelung, they would have increased in popularity quickly if there were more available individuals. 

If you’re having a hard time tracking down a breeder, check the shelters in your area. Many adult cats are surrendered, and there’s a chance you could adopt one of these blue longhaired cats.

Personality Traits Of The Nebelung Cat Breed

The Nebelung creates a strong bond with their favorite humans. They’re known to follow their human companions around the home and can become lonely when left for too long. Although they’re quite clingy with their family, they’re shy around new humans and can take a while to warm up. 

These cats will love playing with their family and have high energy levels. When you’re home, they’ll be eager to run around and engage with you. This makes them amenable to live in a home with children or other pets. 

They’ll be happy to play and are generally gentle by nature. Because of this, it’s best if they’re not living with high-energy or aggressive pets. The same can be said for overly aggressive children. 

As long as your children know how to interact gently with the cat, you won’t have to worry about supervising interactions. This is a major upside for families with children under the age of 10.

With that said, they don’t crave additional companionship. You shouldn’t feel like they need another pet in the home to keep them company, as they’ll be just as happy with their human family. 

Having toys they can use independently is a good idea since they’re so active. This will increase their exercise time and keep them from getting bored. They’ll be happy to play with a cat wheel or climb on perches to keep themselves entertained while you’re away. 

They’re a cuddly breed that will be happy to curl up with you and relax after they’ve exerted some energy. Because they’re good at going with the flow that you set, they’re very adaptable. This is a great breed to have for those living in apartments or smaller spaces as the cat will adjust to your routine. 

However, with higher stress levels than most, they’re likely to get stressed if their routine is constantly changing. You can best care for your Nebelung by creating a sustainable routine for them.

If you get up at the same time and have a consistent work schedule, whether it’s at home or out of the home, they’ll thrive on knowing when things generally occur throughout the day. 

nebelung cat breed

How To Take Care Of A Nebelung

The Nebelung is a relatively easy breed to care for. They have very few health problems to consider throughout their lifespan, making for lower vet bills. They’re an intelligent feline, you’ll have no problem with training to increase the ease of grooming.


Try feeding both wet and dry food to see which they gravitate towards. While they can eat basic cat food, you may have to try a few formulas as they can be picky eaters. Start with smaller packages of food so you can easily switch between flavors and textures if needed.

Test out some freeze-dried food and simply add a bit of warm water to make it into a nutritious raw food diet. These tend to be popular among more fussy cats.

When searching for the healthiest diet for your cat, look for high-quality animal protein. It’s ideal to invest in a brand that is free of meat by-products, excessive grains, or fillers. If the first ingredient isn’t an animal protein, your feline isn’t going to get the nutrients it needs. 


The Nebelungs long hair does require more frequent grooming and isn’t hypoallergenic. If your cat goes outside a lot, brushing them every day will keep their hair from matting or getting too dirty. You can maintain the health of an indoor cat by brushing twice a week. Most and if not all of the dead hair will be removed.

Because of their double coat, they will require more frequent brushing during winter. Expect dander and hair to shed around your home even with regular brushing. If their dander becomes too much, you can bathe your Nebelung with cat shampoo.

Make it a habit of checking your cat’s nails and ears every time you brush. This way their nails won’t get too overgrown, and you won’t miss any mites or infections in the ears. 

You can easily clean your cat’s ears at home and train them to tolerate nail trimming. While these generally aren’t the easiest tasks to accomplish, they’ll keep your cat in optimal shape. 


This particular breed of cat is incredibly intelligent. While your adult cat is never too old to learn tricks, it’s easier to accomplish litter box and furniture training when you first get your cat. 

If your cat is struggling with training, try keeping sessions shorter and rewarding good behaviors with treats. This will keep the process moving forward, and you’ll see results much faster. 

The Nebelung breed isn’t typically known as being an outdoor breed, but you can train them to walk on a leash. They’re intelligent and adaptable enough to pick up on leash training easily however, they may not be overly keen to go on walks. 

You can easily train other behaviors like sit, lie down, or stay. These make it easier to manage your feline around feeding times or when you’re opening the door to your home and want to prevent escapes. These are great tools to strengthen your bond with your cat and give them additional structure. 


Nebelung breeders have yet to see any patterns in health conditions. They’re still a fairly new breed, which means patterns could still show up. However, at this point, the breed is considered extremely healthy. 

Although they may not develop severe diseases in their lifetime, there are many ways to keep up with your Nebelung’s health. Getting into the routine of brushing their teeth often will reduce their risk for periodontal disease. This inflammation of the gums is quite common in cats and can have long-term effects on their eating habits and tooth health. 

If eating habits aren’t properly managed in the breed, they can become overweight. Once weight gain begins, it’s much more likely that your cat will develop other health conditions. That’s why it’s vital to feed your feline balanced cat food and optimize nutrient absorption. 

Keep up with your veterinary visits and vaccinations to protect your cat from other common problems. With frequent trips to the vet, you can prevent any potentially uncomfortable conditions from forming. 

Physical Attributes Of The Nebelung

The Nebelung has many features consistent with a Russian Blue. As medium-sized cats, they have the body size and structure of most common house cats. What sets this breed apart is truly their unique blue coat. 

  • Head: The breed has a wedge-shaped head that comes to a point at the chin. The snout is dropped, and the chin line is pronounced.
  • Body: The breed has a long body in comparison to their height. They’re known to have long graceful necks, making them appear very regal. While the body is longer than average, they don’t appear disproportional or like a munchkin breed. 
  • Ears: Their ears are large and come to a point. They sit wide on the sides of the head and have tufts of fur on the inside. 
  • Eyes: Eye color is generally a striking vivid green but can have hints of yellow, making for a murkier yellowish green eye. The breed usually has very rounded eyes but can be slightly oval as well. They’re well spaced, making for a balanced face.
  • Legs and Paws: Their paws are medium in size and proportional to body size. Their toes have generous tufts of fur between them and their legs are strong. This is a long, sturdy, well-muscled cat with an athletic appearance through the legs. With their full coat, their hind legs give off the appearance that they’re wearing pants.
  • Tail: Their long tail is wide with additional long hair. This full tail is proportional to the body length but stands out due to its fluffy nature.
  • Coat: The coat of the Nebelung is silky smooth and very pleasing to the touch. Most of the year, they have a double coat, which is thick and soft.
  • Color: While they’re generally referred to as blue, the adult coat is very much gray with silver hues mixed into the tips of the hair. Color can vary slightly but remains solid in color.

Conclusion On The Nebelung Cat Breed

The Nebelung makes a great addition to any type of household that has time and love to give! Although they’re a tough breed to track down, they’re well-loved among those who have had the privilege of owning one. 

Their gentle and adaptable nature makes them great cats for any environment or family. As long as you’re able to keep up with their grooming needs and picky eating habits, you’ll have an excellent companion. 

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