The Marshmallow Cat Bed – A Product Review For 2021

My final verdict on the Marshmallow cat bed would be this. It’s a very trendy, well-marketed bed that is actually functional and reasonably well made.

The Marshmallow cat bed has become very popular, it’s all over the web. This extra plush and luxuriously soft cat bed gets its name from its obvious looks.

But looks aren’t everything so, I thought I’d take a closer look at this trending cat bed for myself and give my two cents on it. 

Check out the article below for reviews on the Marshmallow Cat Bed and some other recommendations I have. 

The Marshmallow Cat Bed

The marshmallow cat bed is a large round (marshmallow looking) cat bed that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It has quickly become a favorite among cat owners. 

The plush beds are no doubt very comfortable for your kitty and some come large enough for your pooch to lay on with your kitty. 

The beds are machine washable and actually quite easy to maintain despite being so fluffy. It’s typically well made with a glue point bottom that should stop the bed from moving around on all surfaces. 

The bed is made in fleece or plush faux, this will depend on what style you go for. 

My final verdict on the Marshmallow cat bed would be this. It’s a very trendy, well-marketed bed that is actually functional and reasonably well made. 

There are several online e-commerce stores selling these beds and it’s easy to get confused about which one is the real deal.

So which ones would I recommend? Well, below I’ve put together a quick list of marshmallow style cat beds that I would recommend. 

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Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)

While it may look like a dog bed at first the Best Friends by Sheri Original bed is definitely cat friendly. 

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat...
  • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Thanks to its...
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Cozy, flexible, and...

The small donut bed which is 23 inches in diameter is the perfect size for most cats. The raised outer rim makes for a perfect snuggle spot that your cat will love to either sink into or slump over. 

It’s also a self-warming bed and if you have seen my heated cat bed article, you’ll be familiar with the brand as I mentioned another bed of theirs in that article. 

It comes in a bunch of natural colors and is made from soft faux shag fur on the interior and exterior. Underneath the bed, the material is a nylon fabric designed to resist dirt and water. 

Easily comfortable for a cat however, some dog owners have complained that it’s not sturdy enough for their medium to large dogs. 

Machine washable on a gentle cycle and the ability to tumble dry means if your cat or dog happens to make a mess on the bed it’s easily cleaned. 

BinetGo Dog Bed Cat Bed Cushion Bed Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

The BinetGo Dog & Cat Bed is an ideal place for your cat to take their cat naps in comfort.

BinetGo Cat Bed Dog Bed Calming Anxiety ,Pet Fluffy Bed...
  • Large Round Pet Bed: The bed is about...
  • Non-Slip Safety: Non-skid bottom keeps...
  • Lightweight & Portable: this cozy bed is...

The BinetGo comes in the following sizes:

Medium Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 5.5” and is suitable for cats up to 15lbs. Large Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 6” and is suitable for cats up to 25lbs.

Much like most of the other beds, it comes with a non-skid bottom helping it stay in place during play. The company does recommend hand washing if the bed were to get dirty or covered in hair. 

When unpacking the bed give it a good shake and allow 1 – 2 days for the bed to puff up before use. The packaging squishes it all down and the polyester filling needs time to regain its shape. 

Overall there isn’t much to make this bed stand out from the rest. It’s made equally as well from very similar materials. 

What does stand out above the rest is their amazing customer service. Should you ever have a problem with the bed contact them and they will very likely send you a new one. 

Peace of mind when buying these beds is important as most are imported from China. Knowing that they take their customer service seriously can help make that buying decision that much easier. 

Finally, it’s a very durable bed, customers have noted how happy they are after some time with the bed and how it has performed well with heavy use. 

BODISEINT WonderKathy Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed for Cats

This is the closest match to the Marshmallow Cat Bed you’ll likely find on the online stores. 

As the name suggests this bed is suitable for both cats and dogs, perfect for those multi-pet family homes. Although we both know cats rule the roost. 

The materials used for this bed is nothing new, you’ll find faux fur on the outside and a nylon non-skid base, while the inner is filled with recycled polyester fiber. It’s a well designed and very comfortable cat bed. 

If you have a larger cat or a multi pet home I’d suggest getting the medium size bed. It measures in at 23.6” x 23.6” x 7.9” making it one of the higher beds on the list. 

You can’t remove the cover for washing so, once you have machine washed on a gentle cycle it’s suggested you put it in the dryer directly after washing. Do not air dry as this will cause matting in the faux fur. 

It’s a very well made bed, the stitching is strong and it comes highly recommended on my list. 

Friends Forever Donut Cat Bed, Faux Fur Dog Beds for Medium Small Dogs

Another familiar name within the cat bed products. The Friends Forever Donut Cat Bed is a top contender. 

Friends Forever Coco Cat Bed, Faux Fur Dog Beds for...
  • CALMING & ANTI-ANXIETY: Ideal for pets...
  • WARM & COZY GIFT: High quality synthetic...

With a 30” diameter the Friends Forever bed will suit pretty much all cats. Again, the materials are nothing out of the ordinary. 

Made with, you guessed it synthetic faux fur and a nylon non-skid base. It’s extremely supportive on the outside rim however, the middle filling is a little lacking. This means your cat will have just the right amount of bed to sink into but, your dog might not be so comfortable.  

Like all other beds, it’s machine washable and should be tumbled dried after washing to avoid matting. 

Coming in two sizes, 23” and 30” in diameter and suitable for pets up to 25lbs and 45lbs respectively. 

Conclusion On The Marshmallow Cat Bed

After reviewing the above beds, it’s very clear that they are all quite similar. Many of the donut beds on the market seem to be rebranded versions of one another. 

Most companies will offer a money back guarantee and if they don’t I’d personally avoid them. 

If I had to pick my top two beds I’d go for the Friends Forever and the Best Friends by Sheri cat beds. They’re popular among cat owners and have many reviews to back them up. They also both offer great customer support should anything go wrong with your bed. 

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