Surprising Facts About Little Kittens That You Might Not Know 

I can’t think of anything that’s as cute as a little kitten. From their soft paws to their cute little meow’s they have the ability to melt your heart in an instant. 

In this article, you’ll find cute little kitten images that will put a smile on your dial. Cat videos to make you laugh because after all, laughter is the best medicine. 

Finally, I’ll throw in some cool facts about kittens you might not have known about. 

Kittens Are Born Blind

Kitten’s eyes will remain closed until they’re about 1 week old. Even after their eyes have opened they still can’t see right away. It can take up to 3 weeks for kittens to see clearly

All kittens are born with blue eyes that eventually change color with the exception of some breeds. Siamese, Colourpoint Shorthairs, Tonkinese, and Ragdoll’s will keep their blue eye color. 

During the first year of a kitten’s life, you may see an assortment of colors before the kitten’s eyes become their permanent color.

Check out this article on when cats stop growing to find out more cool facts about cats.

Kittens Sleep Around 8 Hours Per Day

Okay, so this might not be a secret as cats pretty much sleep all day including kittens. They’re no stranger to a cat nap and will typically sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day.  

kitten sleeping

Newborn Kittens Already Know How To Purr!

Kittens are born with the ability to purr and you will often hear them purr when they’re feeding or being groomed by a momma cat.

Cats will purr for many reasons. If you want to find out more reasons why adult cats purr simply click the link. 

Kittens Are Born With A Very Strong Sense of Smell

While a little kitten might take a few weeks to see properly this is not the case with their sense of smell. 

Right away they’re born with an incredible sense of smell, while their eyesight and hearing develop over time. 

Kittens Can Be Left or Right-Pawed

This one surprised me! 

Turns out kittens can indeed be born right or left paw dominant. Watch closely and long enough and you’ll start to notice each kitten could have a favorable paw they use for exploring new things. 

Kittens Can Fit Their Bodies Anywhere Their Heads Can!

Watch kittens closely as in most cases if their head can fit, their entire body can. 

That cute little kitten head can fit into many places they have no business being. 

Kitten’s Whiskers Tell Them How Wide Their Body Is

Kitten’s whiskers are as wide as their bodies are. 

Cats and kittens will use their whiskers to determine if they can fit into certain places. 

Because whistlers are highly sensitive, they can detect slight changes in airflow, allowing them to maneuver in the dark. 

You can read your cat’s body language just by looking at their whiskers. For example, when their whiskers are softly hanging, your kitty is telling you they are relaxed. 

On the other hand, whiskers that are facing up and forward mean your cat is curious and ready to play or hunt. 

All Kittens Are Born With Blue Eyes

Kittens are all born with beautiful blue eyes and keep them up until around 8 weeks old. 

Around this time they will either stay blue or they will begin to change color. 

blue eyed kitten

Kittens Have 26 Teeth

Kittens will initially have a total of 26 teeth and when they begin to lose their “baby” teeth they will eventually grow to have a full set of 30 teeth as adults. 

It’s around 6 months of age is when they could be teething and growing their adult teeth. 

At that time, it’s a good idea to get them a chew toy or teething toy to help them alleviate any teething pain.

The Average Adult Cat Litter is 4-8 Kittens

On average adult cats will give birth to 4-8 kittens. Astonishingly the largest recorded litter is 19 kittens. 

Momma cat would have had her paws full that’s for sure. 

There Are Health Benefits To Owning Cats And Kittens

It has been proven that the sound of a cat or kitten purring will lower our stress levels. 

Not only does it lower our stress levels but it can also lower your blood pressure and heal bones and muscles. 

Are cats the real man’s best friend no one is talking about? 

Kittens Are Very Impressionable

The first 2 weeks are crucial learning periods for kittens. They’ll learn who can be trusted, what to eat, where they can go to the bathroom, and who gives the best cuddles. 

It’s up to us to discipline kittens if momma cat is being too slack. 

Kittens Need To Be Socialised

During those first 2 weeks of birth, you should do all you can to make sure they are socializing with other cats. 

This gives them the chance to learn important social skills including grooming also known as allogrooming

They will learn where they fit into the hierarchy of your home and spoiler alert they’ll typically assume the top spot!

They’re Born “Deaf” Sort Of

Kittens are born with their ears folded and are unable to hear. Instead, they rely on their sense of smell and look for warmth. 

After about 5 days their ears begin to unfold and they begin to develop their sense of hearing.

Once their hearing has fully developed, cats have one of the best hearing abilities on the planet! 

At just 4 weeks of age, they are able to hear 65,000 hertz, compared to a human who can only hear 20,000 hertz. 

It’s Important You Keep The Litter Box Clean For Them

It’s important to clean their litter box daily when they’re kittens to avoid any potential health problems arising. 

If you notice your kitten avoiding the litter box then you should consider switching to a different cat litter

You should keep an eye on kittens when they use the litter box as quite often they will eat the litter. 

If you notice your kitten eating cat litter you should switch to an edible litter such as tofu cat litter. 

If your kitten has the habit of eating their litter, you should begin training and discouraging them from eating it as early as possible. 

Kittens Only Weigh 3-4 Ounces At Birth.

Newborns are incredibly tiny and fragile. Even the heftiest kitten babies only weigh about the same as a small lemon. 

Within the first few weeks of their lives, they grow a lot and will reach their adult weight at about 10-12 months. 

Large breeds such as the Chauise will experience a rapid growth spurt around 8 weeks and continue to grow even after 12 months. 

Kittens Can’t Regulate Their Body Temperature.

Kittens in their early stages of development cannot regulate their body heat. Consequently, they are extremely vulnerable to the cold. 

Make sure they are staying warm by cuddling into mommy cat, you or provide them with a heated cat bed in extremely cold environments. 

They Need Help To Relieve Themselves

It’s true, kittens can’t pee or poop on their own and that’s why their mother will frequently lick their stomachs and bottoms to encourage bowel movements. 

Kittens Can Start Walking Around 3 Weeks Old 

In contrast to some animals that stand up on their own shortly after birth, cats usually take a bit longer. It usually takes kittens around three weeks to learn how to walk. 

It’s not long after they learn how to walk that they begin to play and jump. Approximately one week after they become mobile, they start to run and play.

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A Kitten’s Behavior Is Unique

Kittens are known for their playful and social nature, which makes them extremely appealing to us.

In the wild, a cat’s survival depends on behaviors such as biting, climbing, stalking, meowing, jumping, and chasing.

Domestic kittens are no different and learn about life through play, which explains their somewhat unique behavior.

You should use this time as a bonding experience between you and your kittens. The earlier you can get them used to human contact the better. 

Kittens Can Get Pregnant.

You can spay kittens as early as 8 weeks, and they can become pregnant by 5 months if they’re in heat, so act quickly. 

Spaying/neutering will not only prevent behaviors like urine marking and howling, but it will also stop your kitten from falling pregnant.