Can Cats Eat Rice? Is It Safe For Them?

Russell Cargill

Rice is one of the most consumed foods globally. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, can cats eat rice you’re not alone. It’s a question that comes up often. 

To answer the question, in general terms, yes cats can eat rice. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

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Can Cats Eat Rice? The Short Answer

Short answer yes, cats can eat rice, but I can’t just leave it there. Rice is not on the official list of foods toxic to cats, so if your cat decides to steal a mouthful off your plate you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 

That being said, rice is not a good source of food for your cat, and it shouldn’t be encouraged as a regular meal. Some factors to consider are your cats age, how much rice they are eating and are they eating brown or white rice. 

If rice is not toxic for cats does that mean it’s safe for them? 

Is Rice Safe For Cats?

Rice is not toxic for cats but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe for them to eat. 

A cat’s primary source of food is natural prey such as birds, insects and small mammals. They need a very high protein diet consisting of meat. Rice won’t give your cat the nutrition they need to fully function. 

While a cat can eat rice, it really doesn’t serve much purpose. I’d recommend sticking with a high quality cat food. There’s a reason companies have spent millions developing the ultimate source of nutrition for your cat. 

Supplementing your cats diet with rice on a frequent basis can lead to problems such as malnourishment. Obviously, this will affect your cats overall health and mentality. 

Put simply, rice is safe for your cat but it shouldn’t be encouraged they eat it, nor should it be served to them as a diet replacement.

Should Kittens Eat Rice?

This might be an obvious one here but no, kittens shouldn’t be eating rice. Kittens especially need a formulated diet, rice provides no nutritional value to kittens. It can leave them bloated, malnourished and ill. 

Rice is still a grain food and many professionals will suggest a high quality cat food that doesn’t include grain fillers.

Why Do Cats Like Rice?

Cats are curious by nature, given the chance they explore and try almost any new thing. Some cats are drawn to rice for whatever reason, but this doesn’t mean it’s good for them. 

Have you ever noticed your cat watching you in the kitchen, my cat is constantly wanting to smell the food I’m preparing and cooking. By all means allow them to sniff and explore what you’re up to but don’t let them indulge. 

Just because your cat shows an interest in a particular food, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to consume it. Although rice is safe for them, it’s not recommended they consume it in large amounts. 

The Dangers Of Uncooked Rice

Uncooked rice can pose a threat to cats if ingested. It is hard for them to digest and uncooked rice can often be found to contain a natural pesticide called lectin. This can cause vomiting or diarrhea if eaten in large amounts. 

If you think you cat has ingested uncooked rice and is showing some signs of bloating, or has a sensitive to touch stomach contact your local vet.

Can Cats Eat Fried Rice?

Like us your cat is likely to love fried rice. Fried rice usually contains meat and eggs which is another favourite of cats. 

However, fried rice contains a large amount of oil and is often quite unhealthy. I’d recommend to avoid letting your cat snack on fried rice for this reason alone. 

Can Rice Help Cats With Diarrhea?

Rice is known for helping alleviate upset stomach or diarrhea. It can also be found in sensitive stomach cat food

Rice may be useful in aiding your cats diarrhea, but it’s not something you should keep doing. It will likely cause other issues if you prolong the feeding of rice to your cat. 

Too much rice can lead to bloating and constipation. 

Conclusion On Can Cats Eat Rice

So there you have it, the short and sweet answer on can cats eat rice. You now know to avoid including rice in your cats diet. 

While it’s not harmful for them to ingest rice, the lack of nutritional value rice contains for cats makes it unnecessary for them. You should stick with a high protein good quality cat food. 


Is white rice safe for cats?

Cats are carnivores and eat a meat based diet. The occasional small amount of cooked rice is okay, but not needed. 

Can I give my cat rice for diarrhea?

Water intake is the most important thing if your cat suffers from diarrhea. Sometimes feeding cooked rice mixed with canned cat food will help curb the diarrhea.

Can cats eat rice pudding?

Again, rice can be consumed by cats but shouldn’t be encouraged. Avoid feeding your cat any human treats. Stick with a high quality formulated cat treat. 

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