Can Cats Eat Pork? – Is Raw Pork Toxic For Cats?

can cats eat pork

Some pet parents love sharing their meals with their fur babies. At one point or another you may have asked yourself, can cats eat pork? 

In this article, I’ll quickly cover if cats can eat pork and if it’s safe. You might also ask, why is there no pork in cat food? 

Keep reading to find out why. 

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Can Cats Eat Pork?

Most of you will be looking for a short answer, so the short answer is Yes, cats can eat pork. But, like always that doesn’t mean that they should. 

Think of your cat like a race car. That race car requires race fuel to keep it running. It’s the same with our cats, just because they can eat something doesn’t mean it will benefit them. 

While pork is not toxic for our cats, it does contain a higher amount of fat and sodium than skinless chicken or turkey. High amounts of fat can be dangerous for our cats and lead to health issues. 

With that said, giving your cat small amounts of pork products is going to be okay and you should only allow pork as a treat on rare occasions in very small amounts. 

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Alternatives To Pork

Lean white meat such as chicken or turkey make great alternatives to feeding your cat pork. With less fat and sodium they provide your cat with a lean source of high protein meat. 

Fish is another alternative and one that cats love. I like to add a little bit of fish to my cats dry food to spice things up for them every now and then. 

Some cats can have specific diet requirements depending on their health, age or condition. If you have a cat that has a sensitive stomach, you’ll need to provide them with a sensitive stomach cat food

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? – Is Raw Pork Toxic?

The short answer is again, Yes! However, some raw meats can be toxic to cats and they’re mentioned below. 

Cats can indeed eat raw pork but, I’m not talking about bacon or ham. Smoked or salted meat should never be consumed by your cat as they contain high amounts of sodium, smoke flavorings, preservatives and nitrates. 

Raw pork loin can be a really good source of protein for your cat as can boneless ribs, rump or the shoulder. These cuts contain acceptable amounts of fat and are actually low in saturated fats compared to red meats. 

can cats eat raw pork

There is a saying that pork is the “other” white meat no one talk about. 

But, pork is full of fats I hear you say. Well, below are some numbers on the protein and fat count for some common commercial meats. 

When pork is cut to a ¼ inch it consists of 79% protein and 18% fat. Lamb is 76% protein and 20% fat while farmed rabbit is 74% protein and 20% fat. 

Surprisingly chicken with skin is around 55% protein and 44% fat and is similar to beef which is, 50% protein and 40% fat. 

These numbers may surprise you, they certainly surprised me when I first read them. So feeding your cats lean cuts of pork such as loin in small amounts shouldn’t be a problem. 

If you still are unsure about feeding your cat anything new, always consult with your local vet first. 

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Conclusion On Can Cats Eat Pork

Pork can be a great source of protein for your cat. Stay away from feeding them bacon or smoked meat as this can be toxic for your cat. 

Keep pork to the occasional treat alongside your normal cats diet. Ideally you should give your cat cooked pork. 

If you are feeding your cat a good formulated dry food there is actually no need to supplement their diet with any other foods. If you’re looking for the best kitten food, simply click the link. 

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