What Are The 7 Best Wet Cat Foods?

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Wet cat food has long been popular among felines for its pungent meaty smell and soft texture. These foods are generally rich and flavorful, which is what draws cats towards them! 

Cat owners may feel hesitant due to smell and increased effort in preparation however, wet food has a number of benefits that dry food doesn’t. 

Aiding in weight control and urinary health through hydration can increase your cat’s energy and make the added prep time worth it for a healthier cat. 

Top Picks For The Best Wet Cat Food

Introducing more wet food into your cat’s diet can offer more variety and nutrition than they’re currently getting from dry food. 

Many high-quality wet foods are on the market however, these are our picks for the best wet cat food. 

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What Is Wet Cat Food?

Wet cat food has a higher percentage of water per serving than processed dry food. This increases hydration which is great for managing weight gain or stomach upset in sensitive cats.

Wet food has more smell than kibble since it’s packed full of real meat, which can be more appealing to fussy cats. 

Meeting your feline’s nutritional requirements is easy with wet cat food as the ingredients tend to be simple. With real animal products like fish broth and chicken, your cat will benefit from the increased protein. 

Types Of Wet Cat Food

Choosing a wet food can be challenging for picky eaters due to the wide variety of textures available. 

Wet food for cats can range from chunky with whole pieces of meat to a more pureed pâté for those that prefer smoother food. 

Depending on your cat’s specific needs and preferences, you may find that they gravitate towards one of the following types of wet cat food more than another. 

Minced Wet Cat Food

Minced food is usually served in a gravy with small crumble pieces of animal protein. These are generally great for cats that want to have some solid animal product in the meal without being excessively chunky. 

Pâté Wet Cat Food

Pâté wet cat food is ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs. This food type is extremely palatable and smooth, making it easier on the digestive tract. This type is also ideal for cats that shy away from raw or chunkier foods. 

If your cat has any dental problems or missing teeth, smoother formulas will be easier to chew. This can reduce any periodontal disease as inflammation can be exacerbated by excessive chewing of hard foods. 

These meals are spreadable and can be used in many different ways as well. Depending on the consistency your cat prefers, you can find creamier or softer varieties of pâté cat food. 

Chunky Wet Cat Food

Chunky wet food for cats is going to be the most difficult to chew for any cats with dental problems. These meals have large chunks of meat in a thick sauce. This is ideal for cats that prefer a more raw diet as they’ll feel they’re getting more real meat from a formula like this.

Morsels Or Cubed Wet Cat Food

This variety of food for cats includes cubes of protein in a light gravy sauce. The sources of protein in these meals are cut slightly larger than in minced food. This can give your cat more savory meat in their meal.

Shredded Sides In Broth

Inside the broth, you can find any kind of animal protein shredded up. Common varieties include shredded chicken or fish in a chicken broth. The broth is much thinner than other typical wet food, which is lighter on the stomach. This can be beneficial for cats that have sensitive stomachs or trouble digesting rich foods. 

Is Wet Or Dry Food Better for Cats?

Wet food tends to be more expensive but benefits cats that have specific health issues, such as obesity. 

Wet meals can also aid in treating urinary issues, constipation, or dehydration. Alternatively, dry food is a great way to bring more calories into the diet of a cat that may be underweight. 

Dry cat food is also much easier to prepare ahead of time in an automatic feeder since it won’t go bad as quickly. 

If you have the time to prepare wet food for your cat, it can provide quality ingredients while helping your cat maintain a healthy weight. 

These meals are generally packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins to keep your cat’s immune system and coat health optimal. Wet food tends to utilize fewer artificial flavors as well, which is beneficial for cat health. 

It’s important to note that you can find healthy pet foods free of meat byproducts or grains in either a wet or dry variety.

Should You Buy Wet Cat Food?

For overall health, wet food is the obvious choice. However, with less processed meals comes a higher risk of food borne illnesses. 

Benefits Of Wet Cat Food:

Wet cat food outweighs dry food in terms of overall health benefits. It’s packed full of essential amino acids and is closer to what felines in the wild consume. These meals can be very appealing and nutritious with larger chunks of animal protein like chicken liver and fish. 

Low In Carbohydrates

Many wet meals are low in carbs because they’re grain-free foods. This benefits cats with a food allergy just as much as cats that tend to be overweight. 

These meals are high in healthy fats like fish oil, high in crude protein content, and low in carbs that often are used to bind and fill dry foods. Because of this, these meals can help to treat obese cats.

Hydration For Your Cat 

Most cats struggle to consume enough water on their own so they must eat foods with additional water content. This is majorly beneficial for preventing urinary tract disease, which is why many urinary cat foods are higher in water content.

Proper hydration helps to maintain your cat’s coat and boosts the immune system. Once your cat has the proper hydration it needs, you’ll notice less lethargy and healthy feces as well. 

Easy To Digest

Wet food is significantly easier to digest than processed kibble. Since these foods are softer and made of whole ingredients, they break down more readily in the body. 

With whole chunks of meat, your cat’s body won’t have to work as hard to extract the crude protein and fatty acids from their meal. This is beneficial for cats with digestive issues or sensitive systems. 

Disadvantages Of Wet Cat Food:

No cat food is perfect, and therefore there are downfalls to wet foods. With certain health disorders, it’s important to feed some dry food to avoid worsening issues that can come about from only consuming wet food. 

Food Contamination 

The amount of meat products in wet cat food makes it more prone to contamination. Since raw meat carries many pathogens, it’s not uncommon to develop diarrhea or vomiting if any bacteria are fed in the raw diet. This can result in severe illness if not addressed immediately. 

Dental Health

Dental health is the starting place for healthy organs and healthy digestion. Dry foods can chip away at plaque and tartar buildup to keep teeth healthier. 

If cats are only eating wet foods, they’re more likely to develop dental disease. This can be remedied by doing more tooth care at home like brushing your cat’s teeth however, introducing more dry food is the best way to care for the teeth. 


Wet cat food takes longer to prepare and can be more difficult when using an automatic feeder. Since it dries out and goes bad much faster after opening, it’s not as easy to prepare for cat parents on the go. 

Buying Guide – What To Look For In Canned Cat Food

Nutritional needs change as your cat ages and ingredient needs depend on allergens and sensitivities. 


Looking for a grain free formula is ideal for optimizing nutrition in your wet cat food. By prioritizing foods with high-quality animal products, your cat’s crude protein will be much higher. 

However, if your wet food is filled with meat byproducts or additives, then your cat won’t absorb as many vital nutrients from their meal. This negatively impacts their immunity, coat health, and digestive health. 

Depending on your cat’s preferences, you may need to find a food higher in moisture content to reduce urinary tract issues or dehydration. 

Always seek the most balanced diet possible with a crude protein percentage of over 30%. Balanced nutrition and high-quality ingredients are essential for maintaining health and a long life in your feline. 

Life Stage

Your cat requires different nutrients depending on the life stage that they’re in. When shopping for adult cat food, you’ll look for higher crude protein to accommodate their higher activity level and larger body size. 

Feline health needs change significantly from the time they’re kittens to when they’re elderly cats. It’s a great option for cats to buy food specific to their age range, especially when your cat is young. 

Food for kittens have specific nutrients to accommodate a growing body. As a pet owner, you’ll find that this makes your kitten stronger and healthier as they grow out of kitten foods and into adult cat food.

Nutritional Needs

Getting your cat allergy tested is a great way to ensure they don’t have any dietary restrictions you are not aware of. This can be harmful to their overall health even if the food is packed full of nutrients and omega fatty acids. 

The same goes for gastrointestinal diseases or urinary issues. Keep all of your cat’s health issues in mind when shopping. This will ensure their food is working for them as a way of preventing future illness. 

Texture Preference 

By introducing different types of food to your cat, you’ll find a wet cat food formula that they can get excited about. 

You’ll also find that they’ll have different preferences for the primary ingredients they like. 

Since the first item on the ingredient list is what your cat will primarily taste, they may prefer one single protein source over another. As long as you’re buying wet food with high-quality protein, you can let your cat decide if they prefer a chicken recipe, fish recipe, or meal packed with a little bit of each!


Wet food can be at higher risk of contamination which is why it’s vital to look into any recalls. If a cat food manufacturer recently had to recall their commercial cat foods due to bacterial contamination, it’s best to steer clear of that brand until they’re able to sort out their food health. 

Raw Diets

Raw diets are usually enriched with organic ingredients and therefore can improve health. With raw, wholesome ingredients, you’ll find that most cats thoroughly enjoy raw diets.

Pay even closer attention to packaging with raw diets to ensure the food is properly preserved. If a raw diet goes bad, your cat will get sick from consuming the meal. 

Conclusion On The Best Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food has many health benefits for felines that enjoy a meal with higher moisture content. 

Unlike a dry diet that can often have more grains and carbohydrates, wet foods rely on high-quality animal protein to keep your cat in a healthy body condition. 

This can reduce the development of any health conditions and cut back on artificial ingredients entering their body. Seek out a wet diet that offers balanced nutrition to your feline for optimal full-body health.

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