What Are The 5 Best Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees?

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floor to ceiling cat tree

Floor-to-ceiling cat trees are one of the best ways to bring more entertainment and independent play into your cat’s day-to-day routine.

They provide safe platforms for sleeping and help keep your cat off of the human furniture and onto their own.

Top Picks For The Best Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

 Best Overall (Recommended)

Furhaven 100"-113" Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats w/...
  • FUN AND PLAY: The tall cat tree tower...
  • TOWER DESIGN: The towering multi-level...
  • SCRATCH POST: The cat scratching posts...

Runner Up (Recommended)

Pawhut 108" Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Staggered...
  • Floor to ceiling tension to keep tower...
  • Four movable perches and hammock
  • Spring loaded brackets make it easily...

Best On A Budget

Cat Craft Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Tower with 4-Tiers...
  • HEALTHY CAT HABITAT: This vertical...
  • GREAT FOR ALL SIZES: Perfect for cats...

Best For Small Cats

Kinpaw 98”-116’’ Large Cat Tree Condo Multi-Level...
  • Super Luxury Design: This oversized...
  • Stable Construction: With solid wooden...
  • Skin-Friendly Material: Fully covered...

Best Perch Cat Tree

Roypet Adjustable 93"-116" Tall Cat Climbing Tree...
  • Adjustable Height: The climbing tree can...
  • Durable Construction: Made from faux fur...
  • Multipurpose Use: Can be used as a...

What Is A Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree?

A floor to ceiling cat tree is an easy-to-install cat tree that uses either a tension rod or spring-loaded brackets to fasten to the ceiling. 

This large cat tree spans from your floor to your ceiling and comes wrapped in carpet and sisal rope. They’re available in a variety of configurations that offer your cat plenty of space to climb, relax, hide and play.

Some of these larger trees can be made with natural wood and will have built-in cat condos, hammocks, and perches. These tall cat trees offer a lot of space for your cat to climb without taking up much floor space.

Types Of Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

There are really only two different types of floor-to-ceiling cat trees to consider depending on you and your cat’s preferences.

The most popular one is the adjustable tree, which offers more movability for those that want to change the location of the tree frequently.

If you’re handy with tools, a DIY cat structure gives you the freedom to create a climbing tree just the way you’d like it.

Adjustable Cat Tree 

An adjustable cat tree can easily adjust to your ceiling height with spring-activated ceiling holds. This modern cat tree design is easy to install and simple to move to a new location when necessary.

This allows you to have varying vertical space in your home but still makes the same multi-tiered cat tree work from location to location. This is the most convenient option in the floor-to-ceiling design. 

DIY Cat Tree

Obviously, If you’re opting to make your tree, you must have the skillset to build a sturdy structure and have access to high-quality building materials and tools. 

Building your DIY cat tree gives you the ability to cater to your cat’s preferences. If your cat loves to sleep on its cat tree, you can make a tree with multiple perch heights. If the tree is for play only, you can put a hammock or cat wheel built into the tree. 

When coming up with your design make sure to include plenty of rope for scratching. A sisal scratching post will make sure your cat has a designated spot to sharpen its claws and leave its scent. 

Should You Buy A Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree?

You should buy a floor-to-ceiling tree if you don’t have much room for additional cat furniture. They’re space-efficient and will offer your cat more ways to play independently and can provide a safe space for your cat. 

Cat’s love to be up high so try to provide them with a tree that offers ample space at a max height and a cozy condo they can lay in for hours. 

Benefits Of A Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

A floor-to-ceiling tree reduces your need to buy additional cat furniture by covering many of their essential needs in one structure.

Having a sisal post or carpet cat tower will reduce the likelihood of your home furniture getting damaged. 

You can find a wide variety of platform types, including covered perches for sleeping and hiding or enrichment perches that require more focus, like a hammock-style perch. 

If your cat gets bored quickly, these types of cat trees are perfect. Some trees offer movable platforms which will keep them interested in the tree longer and require more problem solving skills. This is ideal for cat owners looking to keep the same tree throughout the cat’s life. 

A floor-to-ceiling tree is safer for large cats. These trees can hold more weight than a regular cat tree because they have a heavy base. This reduces the chances of the tree falling over and your cat getting injured. 

Disadvantages Of A Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

Some trees aren’t as convenient to install as others. Many trees sell the sisal separately that you’ll then have to wrap around the tree. Others require wall support or drilling to secure into place. 

Pay attention to these specifics when shopping to ensure you purchase the most convenient installation type for your personal needs. If you cannot make holes in your walls and ceiling, you should go for one with a spring mounting system.

Depending on the height of your ceiling, it can be challenging to find the appropriate tree height. If you have cathedral ceilings, you’re unlikely to be able to secure the tree to the ceiling. Most of these structures range between 96-106 inches for reference. 

Buying Guide For Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees

Make an informed purchase by first determining the features your cat will enjoy most on their cat tree tower. If your cat has an injury or simply isn’t in its prime, getting an intricate multi-layer cat tree may cause more harm than good. 

To best be able to decide what your cat can handle, consider the following features. 


The overall design and number of perches on each cat tree will determine how high your cat can climb. If you plan to move your tree throughout your home you’ll need an adjustable tree that uses springs to fix to the ceiling.

Movable perches should be another consideration and if you have multiple cats consider fixing additional perches to the tree.

Make sure there are enough platforms otherwise double check if additional platforms can be fixed to the tree. 

You’ll need to be certain that you’re able to fix the tree to the ceiling where you intended to put it. It’s a good idea to have a look inside your roof first for mounting points if you plan on a screw-in tree. 


You must take measurements of your ceiling before purchasing to ensure you get the correct size cat tower. This will make sure the tree is steady enough to support the weight of your cat.

In the case of an adjustable height cat tree, consider your available vertical space to determine the optimal height for the tree. 


If you have a large breed or multiple cats you should opt for a heavier cat tree that will better support the weight of your cat. A lighter tree may not have strong enough platforms or the correct balance for a heavy cat. 

If you’re unsure of how much weight is required, opt for a cat tree specifically designed for large cats. These floor to ceiling cat trees can be a little tricky to get balanced or secured. You need to make sure you have an idea of the weight of your cat and if the tree states it can handle it.


A high first platform means your cat will have to jump every time to reach the perch. If you have a large or old cat, this can be challenging for them. Pick a cat tree with a ladder up to the first perch to avoid any potential issues.

Consider getting one with a detachable ladder if you’re buying the cat tree when your feline is a kitten. This gives you the option to install it later. However, even for healthy cats, it can save them back pain as they age by reducing the number of times they jump up to surfaces. 


Try to get a tree that has natural sisal rope that can double as a scratching post. Look for carpet materials that are thick and stuck on well. Faux fur is a popular choice among cat owners. 

If your cat doesn’t like how the surface feels on the tree, they’ll use it much less or not at all. Buying a tree with a more delicate or lower quality material means it’s unlikely to hold up for long. 

Other Landings

Consider what else your cat would enjoy as a landing beside a simple perch. Some cat trees have cat hammocks and other types of complex landings that require more agility. These can serve as great enrichment and exercise for your cat. 

Any platform that moves or isn’t stable will be risky for older cats or those that aren’t in perfect health.   

Conclusion On Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees

Floor-to-ceiling cat trees can be great activity centers for your feline. With spacious perches and a sturdy base, your cat can play all day safely. 

They can keep them from damaging home furniture and be an excellent solution for homes that don’t have much floor space for cat furniture. 

If your cat loves to climb and play, a floor-to-ceiling cat activity tree will keep them enriched and encourage independent play.

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