The Best Cat Window Perch – A Review And Guide For 2019

Finding the best cat window perch can be difficult. There are a lot of different products out there, many of them not worth the money. How do you find a product that you can trust?

Fortunately, there are plenty of great cat perches out there. You just have to know what to look for.

Here, I’ll walk you through all you need to know when searching for the perfect cat perch. Then, I’ll review some of the top perches out there to help you find the right one for your cat.

My Picks

What Is A Cat Window Perch

Cat window perches allow your cat to sit in front of a window and see the outside world.  Although models vary, they all create a perch for your cat at window level, so that they can stare outdoors, track animals, and engage their hunting instincts.

Some models work by using suction cups that attach to your window. Others use stands to support a bed at window level. Both types have their pros and cons, so pick the one that suits your home and windows.

What Are The Benefits

Cat window perches keep your cat engaged. As hunters, cats like to track animals and engage their hunting instincts. With a seat in front of the window, your cat will feel more involved with the outside world, which tends to make cats less stressed.

Cats often like to use furniture to climb up to get a view of a window. With a cat perch, you don’t have to worry about your cat destroying your precious couch or armchair.

How To Choose The Right Cat Perch

cat sitting on window sill

So, you’ve decided that a cat perch would be a great addition to your home.  But how do you find the right one? You’ll need to consider a few factors when choosing the right cat perch.

Quality And Effectiveness

The most important factor with any cat perch is its build quality. Cats move around a lot, jumping on and off the perch. You’ll need something that can hold up over repeated use and won’t break.

You’ll also want to make sure that your perch is actually doing what it is supposed to do. There’s no reason to buy a cat perch if your cat still can’t see out of the window. Make sure you pick a perch that will give your cat a clear sightline through the window.

Make sure that you place the perch by a window where your cat will be able to see animals.

What’s The Difference Between A Window Perch And A Sill Perch

Although designed to do similar things, window and sill perches do have small differences.

A window perch creates a bed for your cat to lie on windows that don’t have sills. They are supported by stands or by suction to the window.

Sill perches are beds that rest on the sill of your window. They don’t create their own platform, but simply use the sill as support.

Window perches are better for those that need to create a platform on a window that doesn’t have a sill.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you place the perch by a window that has a good view. You want your cat to see as many animals as possible. There’s little point in buying a perch if your cat is just going to be staring at a wall.


When you are picking a cat perch, you’ll want to make sure that it is suitable for the size of your cat. It can be tempting to buy a smaller perch to save space and money.

But it may not be able to support the weight of a larger cat, and your cat will be less likely to use the perch if the bed is not comfortable.

Some window perches are designed to hold multiple cats. However, you’ll want to make sure that the perch you choose is specifically made for this purpose. Although most perches are sturdy, too many cats could cause the perch to fall over.

cat laying down looking out window


You’ll also want to consider where you plan on putting the cat perch, and if you plan on moving it around. There are units that are designed to be more flexible, adjusting to different heights and window types. If you want to move the perch around, you’ll probably want to choose one that is portable and easy to move.

Pro Tip: You can easily make a cat perch into a folding design with a few pieces of velcro or an extra suction cup. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Folding Design

One downside of some cat perches is that they can obstruct your curtains. To solve this problem, companies introduced folding designs. These work, as the name suggests, by folding closed whenever you want to draw your curtains.

If you live in a house or apartment where space is a big concern, a folding design is a great choice. It reduces the profile of the perch and allows you to use it when you need it.

Design Of The Cat Perch

You’ll want to think of what type of cat perch best suits your home. Many perches are supported on four legs, with a platform on top where your cat can rest. The benefit of this type of perch is that it is sturdy and doesn’t block your window. The downside is that it takes up floor space.

If you want a perch that doesn’t touch the floor, then you can choose one of the many windows that use suction cups to attach themselves to the window.

Pro Tip: You can also make your own cat perch, if you want to save money. You can learn more about DIY cat perches here.

Top Picks For Cat Window Perch

Raytops Cat Window Perch

The perch is easy to set up, and the 4 suction cups attach quickly with great grip. And it can hold up to 60 pounds so you won’t have to worry too much about going over the weight limit.

The downside of this perch is that the material isn’t very soft, so you’ll likely have to add a blanket or bed so that your cat is comfortable. The design doesn’t fold up so you may have issues drawing your curtains if your windows aren’t very deep.

two cats on window perch


  • Easy to attach
  • Sturdy, holds heavier cats
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t fold up
  • Material not very soft

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

If you’re looking for a cat perch that will easily rest on your window sill, this is a great option. It makes the most of the space you already have to give your cat a comfortable lookout at window level.

The material is comfortable and durable. And the sill supports that attach under the perch are sturdy.

The main downside of this perch is that you can’t use it on windows that don’t have a large flat surface. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice.


  • Sturdy build
  • Soft material
  • Quite affordable


  • Only works on windows with sills

PETPAWJOY Cat Window Perch

This is one of the most affordable cat perches out there, giving you most of the features of other products for a fraction of the price. And its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for crowded houses or apartments.

The suction attaches easily, although the grip isn’t quite as good as on some other perches. And with a maximum weight of 30 pounds, it’s not a great option for those who want a perch for multiple cats.

spotted tabby on window perch


  • One of the most affordable perches
  • Suction grips easily
  • Slim profile takes up minimal space


  • Lower weight limit than other perches

Oster Sunny Seat Cat Bed

This is a great option for those looking for a comfortable and affordable cat perch. It has a soft bed lining that your cat will enjoy all day long. And the suction cups have great grip, so it shouldn’t have any issues attaching to the window.

The main downside of this perch is build quality. The material doesn’t last quite as long as some other products.

window perch product


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Great grip


  • Materials not very durable

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

This is one of the best all-around cat perches you can buy. The support cables are extra strong, and the suction cups will keep a grip. Replacement suction cups are available if needed.

The material of the bed is also quite soft so you won’t have to add any extra bedding for it to be comfortable for your cat.

The only downside of this perch is its price. It’s a bit more expensive than other options, although it’s durability makes up for the price.

tabby using cat bed on window perch


  • Strong support cables
  • Excellent grip
  • Material is comfortable


  • A touch expensive

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a sill perch. Its texture and shape make it great for scratching. It has excellent durability as well, holding up to years of scratching and clawing.

The main downside of this perch is that it won’t work unless you have a fairly large window sill. And it’s more expensive than most other perches reviewed here.

tuxedo cat using scratcher lounge


  • Great build quality
  • Your cat can scratch as they stare out the window
  • Comfortable material


  • Can’t be used without a sill or another support platform
  • A bit pricey

So Why Buy A Cat Window Perch

tabby sitting on window

A great window perch for cats is an effective and affordable way of keeping your cat stimulated. Cat’s need to trigger their hunting instincts. If they can’t see outdoors, they may get bored and anxious, which can lead to behaviors such as clawing. They may also try to climb on your furniture to see out of the window.

By setting up a cat perch, you can keep your cat happy and engaged, and keep your furniture intact.

Is A Cat Window Perch Safe?

Many cat owners are interested in cat perches but wonder if they are safe for their cat. The answer is yes, provided that you buy a perch that is properly sized and install it correctly.

A high quality cat window perch is designed to withstand a beating. But you’ll want to make sure you don’t exceed their weight limits. This can cause the perch to topple over, or break and possibly injuring your cat.

If you are using one with suction cups, make sure all are attached and you clean the surface thoroughly before installing. If you are using a perch with legs, make sure that the platform is level.

How To Install A Cat Window Perch

For most perches, installation is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

If you are using one that has a stand, clear the area around the window and make sure that your cat can reach the stand without having to climb on any furniture.

If you are using a perch that attaches to the window through suction cups, make sure that your window is clear and has no debris on it, as this could interfere with the suction. Wipe your windows first, and then soak the suction cups in warm water for a few minutes to clear off any dust.

Other Types Of Cat Perches To Note

A Cat Window Hammock

Cat window hammocks have the same function as stand perches but attach directly to the window. They also tend to be designed with comfort in mind.

These perches allow you to create a bed for your cat by the window without taking up any floor space.

They are a great window perch for cats who have crowded rooms where space is at a premium. They are also easy to fold up so you can close your curtains when your cat is not using the perch.

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Cat Scratcher

This is an excellent hammock for those that want to combine the function of a perch with a scratcher. The material is rough enough that your cat can keep themselves happy by scratching, but it’s soft enough that they will still be comfortable when they lie down.

There are sometimes issue with the suction cups, so make sure that there’s a good grip when you attach it to your window.

tabby sitting on cat hammock


  • Excellent scratchy material that is still comfortable
  • Durable build
  • Affordable price


  • There may be issues with grip when you fold the hammock

Cat Window Boxes

Cat window boxes are similar to hammocks. They hang from the window and don’t take up any floor space. However, they have walls and a ceiling, allowing your cat to rest in with a little more privacy. And there’s less risk of your cat falling off the edge- although this usually isn’t a major concern for cat owners.

They are an excellent option for those that want to combine a window hammock and a cat house into one compact design. If your cat loves hiding in boxes then these make a great addition.

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

If you want a luxury window level hangout for your cat, this is a great choice. Your cat will have their own hanging house, with soft bedding padding the interior. There’s also a layer of bedding on top of the house, so your cat can lie down and watch the outside world.

The only real downside is the price. It costs more than other perches. However, you also get more with it, and it has great build quality.

tabby laying in penthouse perch


  • Soft bedding inside and outside the house
  • Great grip
  • Durable build


  • A bit pricier than other perches

Our Winners

grey tabby cleaning paw

To help you find the best cat window perch, we’ve selected our favorite all around perch.

Best Overall Cat Window Perch

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

It’s right there in the name. This is the best all around cat perch for those that need a durable, flexible and easy to use cat perch. The support cables are the best of any perch reviewed here, and the suction cups will never lose its grip.

It’s a bit more expensive than some other options, but it more than makes up for its price with its performance.

Runner Up, Best Overall Cat Window Perch

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

This is another excellent product that will be loved by just about any cat.

So why is it runner up? It’s a sill perch, so it will be hard to use if you don’t have much space on your window. This makes it less flexible, knocking it down in our rankings.

But if you do have a sill, this is one of the best, as well as most affordable, cat perches you can buy.


How high up can you put a window perch?

Most heights that can be reached by your cat by jumping from the floor should be safe. However, don’t place the perch where it can only be reached by climbing on furniture. If your cat falls off, they could get injured.

What’s a good price for a window perch?

The answer to this will depend on the type of features you want. But in general, you can expect to spend around $20-$50 on a high quality perch.

Are window perches safe for kittens?

Cats are quite agile and athletic from a young age. But you should keep young kitties away from window perches for a few months to be safe, or make sure you put the perch on a lower window.