What Are The 5 Best Cat Toothbrushes?

Russell Cargill

Cats are renowned groomers that’s for sure, but when it comes to caring for their teeth they could do with a helping hand. That’s where a specialized cat toothbrush comes in handy. 

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The Best Cat Toothbrush – A Review And Guide For 2019

By lending them a helping hand we can help them fight against tooth decay, remove tartar and increase their quality of life. However, this is definitely easier said than done.

Most cats will tend to wriggle and squirm any time you brush their teeth. In fact, some cats will try to wriggle out of being held altogether.

When grooming your cat, it’s always a good idea to start slow and give your kitty time to adjust to the new grooming routine.

Want to know the reason why cats groom each other?

Pet Republique Cat Toothbrush

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Set of 6 – Dual Headed...
  • ★ 6-COUNT Pack; GREAT VALUE & HIGH...
  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION! – Just contact...

The Pet Republique handle toothbrush is ideal for reaching in areas where other brushes can’t. At 8 – ½ inches long, the length can actually be a hassle when handling your cat and brush at the same time. 

The dual heads are a good option for a multi-pet home. If you’re after a brush that’s suitable for both cats and dogs this would be a good option. 

The pack comes with 6 toothbrushes, that should be enough to get you through the entire year with daily brushing. 

Quality of materials feels good and the bristles aren’t harsh on your pet’s teeth and gums. Overall it’s a great handle toothbrush and suitable for most applications.


  • Dual head brush
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Suitable for cats and dogs


  • Will struggle to use with small kittens or cats (Munchkins).

H&H Pets Cat Toothbrush

H&H Pets Dog Toothbrushes from Large to Small| Best...
  • ✿【SINGLE HEAD - 4 COUNT】– H&H...

If you like finger toothbrushes then the H&H finger toothbrushes are easily the best on the market. 

They’re made from FDA approved material, and the quality is a standout among others. 

The bristles are a nice mix of not too hard but firm enough for an effective clean. They will fit a finger that typically wears a ring size of 7 or more. If you wear smaller than a 7 you’ll have to fill in the gaps with some paper towels. 

Most finger brushes will have a flat profile making it very difficult to get into the back of the mouth. 

The H&H finger brushes’ main drawcard is the curved profile that allows for a better clean of the teeth and gums. Seriously, it makes a big difference. 


  • Each pack contains 8x FDA approved finger brushes
  • Curved profile
  • Money back guarantee


  • Fingers smaller than a size 7 ring will have a loose fit
  • A little bulky

CET Pet Cat Toothbrush

CET Pet Toothbrush
  • Maintaining proper oral health for your...
  • Prevent bad breath and tartar
  • For small dogs and cats

The CET pet toothbrush is a bit of a classic. Its long handle and small brush head make it very easy to use. 

That’s important because brushing a cat’s teeth can be very difficult as you may know. The simplicity of the brush is why I like it. 

Nothing fancy here, just a good old fashioned brush with a handle and head small enough to fit in your cat’s mouth. 

They also have Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit you can purchase, it’s very similar to the CET brush and still really good value. It’s a dual head brush including some toothpaste, both suitable for cats and dogs. 


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Strong handle
  • Small brush head


  • Not a dual head brush

Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush Oral Cleaner for Pets

Petosan Microfiber Fingerbrush, 2 Pack, Battery...
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An alternative to a cat toothbrush is a microfiber finger brush. The Petosan Microfiber finger brush is chemical free and helps remove plaque and bacteria. 

These are handy if you have a difficult cat, or you’re getting your cat used to having their teeth brushed. Many customers have said they have used these because they couldn’t manage to brush their pet’s teeth otherwise. 

They only thing I’d say about them is that the material is quite smooth and soft. This means an effective clean take a lot longer than a regular toothbrush. 


  • Great if your pet hates their teeth brushed
  • Easy to use
  • Great fit


  • A little smooth

MIND UP Toothbrush Micro Head for Cats

MIND UP Toothbrush Micro Head for Cats Made in Japan by...
  • Mini-sized bristle is specially made for...
  • 15-degree angle bend specially design...

The Mind Up micro toothbrush for cats is an unsung hero. This brush really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. 

It’s made in Japan from ABS resin and features a round head that has nylon bristles. The mini sized bristle head is specifically designed for cats in mind. 

At just 10mm in thickness, reaching the back of your cat’s mouth shouldn’t be a problem. The design also features a 15-degree bend allowing for a better brush towards the back of the mouth and around their cheeks. 

Mind Up has a wide range of brushes available, including finger brushes if that’s your thing. 


  • Designed with cats in mind
  • The head is small enough for all cats mouths
  • Very lightweight
  • 15 degree bend


  • Bristles are very soft, they could wear quickly

Other Cat Toothbrushes To Consider

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How Often Do You Need To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

If you have a healthy cat with no denture issues, most vet’s will usually recommend brushing your cat’s teeth 3 times a week. 

Some people say that daily brushing is ideal. Considering the majority of cats won’t enjoy you sticking a toothbrush in their mouth a daily routine can be difficult. I’d suggest this only if the vet has recommended you to do so. 

If your cat has some dental issues, your vet will recommend an exact brushing routine to follow. 

RosyLife Pet Dog & Cat Toothbrush Set Soft

PenVinoo 360 ° Dog Toothbrush Pet Toothbrush 360 °...
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  • 360 ° Dual Headed silicone handle...
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The RosyLife dental pack will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a brush for kitty. 

It comes with 4 dual headed handle toothbrushes and 4 finger toothbrushes. It’s a perfect fit for a multi-pet family home that needs a tool for every pooch and kitty. 

The size of the brushes won’t be suitable for small kittens however so keep this in mind before purchasing. 

Build quality is decent and they are FDA approved. 


  • 8 brushes in one pack
  • Suitable for multi-pet homes
  • FDA approved


  • A bit bulky and won’t suit smaller cats or kittens

What Is A Cat Toothbrush?

Exactly what it sounds like. A cat toothbrush should be specifically designed with cats in mind. Many brushes on the market are suitable for both cats and dogs, however, this can make some of the brushes to bulky for your cat and thus useless. 

You’ll need a toothbrush suitable for cats in order to help your kitty maintain healthy mouths and gums. Brushing your cat’s teeth will go along way to avoid any possible denture problems in the future. 

How To Choose The Right Cat Toothbrush – Buying Guide

Not all brushes are created equally. When it comes to picking up the right one for you and your cat there are a few things to keep in mind. Here is a helpful buying guide for you below. 

Size Of The Cat Toothbrush

Not only is the size of the brush important, but the shape of the toothbrush head is also as important. 

While you can use a brush designed for both dogs and cats and still get the job done, you’ll be far better off using a brush specifically designed for cats. 

Cat’s aren’t the most patient when it comes to having their teeth brushed. A specifically designed brush will help you reduce the time it takes to get the job done. 

Round brush heads are great for precision brushing while the traditionally oval head shape is great for brushing 3 – 4 teeth at a time. It all depends on your cat which one you should choose. 

Finally, many of the brushes designed for both dogs and cats can be too bulky for your cat’s mouth and you’ll find yourself not being able to effectively clean their teeth. 

Brush Design

The design of the brush is important. If it’s too bulky you won’t be able to get to the hard to reach places. 

Some brushes have an angled end to them helping you reach the back of the mouth a lot easier than if it was straight. 

Pick a brush that is both sturdy and lightweight. If you think you’ll struggle holding your cat and a brush at the same time, opting for a finger brush might be the better option for you. 

If you don’t like the idea of sticking your fingers in kitties mouth, look for a brush that has a 15 degree bend on the head end. For example, the Mind Up toothbrush features a 15 degree bend in the brush. 


Some are really soft, some are over the top hard. Vets will recommend a brush that has bristles that are soft enough to not damage your pet’s gums whilst being hard enough to remove any plaque. 

You’ll have to either trust reviews from other pet owners or have a physical feel of the bristles yourself. Softer bristles will also wear out quicker than say a medium firmness, if they’re too soft you might find yourself replacing the brush a few times.

Handle Length

Think of it like this, the longer the handle the more difficult it will be to control both the brush and your kitty, 

This is entirely up to the individual and their preferences. If you want to eliminate the handle length factor altogether go for a finger toothbrush style instead. There are plenty of decent options available but the H&H Finger Toothbrush is by far the best. 

So Why Buy A Cat Toothbrush?

I can’t blame you if you have never thought about brushing your cat’s teeth. I didn’t even know cat toothpaste was a thing.

Cat’s are known to be self sufficient in cleaning and maintaining a regimented routine.  That being said, at times cats can do with our helping hand.

Just make sure to purchase a suitable brush for the application. For example, different toothbrushes will suit different cats. A similar example would be picking a specialized cat brush to suit your cat’s coat.

It Removes Food Particles & Plaque

Cats who munch on dental treats designed to remove tartar and plaque will still have areas where these products simply can’t reach. For this reason, a cat toothbrush is needed to get to those areas and remove any stuck food particles or plaque. 


Preventing tartar and plaque build up begins with brushing. By brushing your cat’s teeth you’ll also be fighting against tooth decay. 

Use this time to check up on your cat’s teeth to make sure everything is in order. Tooth decay will set in when plaque and tartar have been left to their own devices. 

Feline cavities can be the same color as their teeth making them very difficult to spot. They’re typically found just below the gum line. 

Improves Health & Happiness

It goes without saying, a healthy cat is a happy cat. Regular teeth care and brushing will improve teeth and gum health. Dental problems often lead to gum disease, so get to brushing. 

Different Types Of Cat Toothbrushes

Something else to consider is the different types of brushes available on the market. Many people will have different opinions on what’s best here but, it’s better to make up your own mind.

Dual Head Toothbrush

As the name suggests this is a handle brush with two brush heads, one on each end. Typically one brush will be larger than the other. You’ll find most of these brushes are catered towards dogs or larger pets. 

They can be great for a multi-pet home that wants one brush for two or more pets. 

Standard Brush Type

A traditional looking toothbrush. The standard type brush will come in various sizes, handle lengths and head shapes. Some pet owners have noted that they just use a toothbrush designed for a baby and that works well. 

Finger Toothbrush

A preference among pet owners who find it tricky to hold their pet and handle brush at the same time. These simple yet effective brushes slip on the end of your finger and are typically made out of bendy silicone. 

They allow maximum control of your pet and the brushing, the only problem is some owners don’t like the idea of sticking there fingers in their pet’s mouth. 

Conclusion On The Best Cat Toothbrush

Cat toothbrushes are becoming popular among cat owners. Picking a toothbrush that suits you and your pet is crucial to maintaining a good brushing routine. 

Be patient when it comes to brushing time, cats will eventually warm up to the idea of it. 


Can I Use A Human Toothbrush On My Cat?

Some vets and parents alike will recommend using a baby toothbrush. They’re very soft and have small brush heads. This could be an inexpensive way of brushing your cat’s teeth.

How Often Should I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

If you have a healthy cat with no denture issues, most vet’s will usually recommend brushing your cat’s teeth 3 times a week.

Can I Use An Electric Toothbrush On My Cat?

You can indeed use an electric toothbrush for your cat. There is a hilarious video of a cat who absolutely loves his. Just make sure the bristles are soft and the head is a good size for your cat. 

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