What Are The 9 Best Cat Strollers?

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Many domestic cats don’t have good instincts when outdoors despite their ancestral roots. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy being outdoors! For those cats that might benefit from spending time outside, cat strollers are a great option to increase safety. 

They allow pet owners to enjoy walks with their cats and make for comfortable travel. Strollers allow for more close interaction with your feline throughout your day. 

Our Picks For Cat Strollers

If you’re ready to get your cat outside to go on walks with you it’s vital to invest in a good quality stroller. Not only is your ease of use important, but having good safety and ventilation is essential for your cat’s enjoyment. 

If you already own a pet or baby stroller you may be tempted to try using one of them for your cat. However, cat-specific strollers are the best way to ensure that your cat won’t be able to run away while you’re outside. 

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What Is A Cat Stroller?

A cat stroller often looks like a cat carrier on wheels. These are handy for pet owners looking to take their cats on walks or travels. 

Without a stroller, most cats wouldn’t ever go outside or be able to explore different trails with their owners. They make travel through airports easier. 

Large cat breeds make using a cat carrier difficult and exhausting as well as inconvenient. Strollers make your load lighter and ensure your cat is safe on a stable piece of furniture. 

Types Of Cat Strollers

Finding the right type of stroller plays a significant role in making your cat comfortable inside a stroller. 

Three Wheel

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This is an excellent stroller for those looking for something a bit smaller. The three-wheel stroller has two wheels in the back and one wheel up front. They’re often foldable making them more compact and lightweight. 

This is the ideal stroller size for one pet as the compartment will often be the perfect size for one adult cat. These strollers often have additional space below the cat carrier for any miscellaneous items you’re bringing on your walk. This makes for a more practical stroller that can go anywhere!

Four Wheel 

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These strollers are more squared off in the front than the three wheels, they can have more room inside. If you’re looking for a stroller for multiple cats, this is likely your best option. 

You can easily find compact four-wheel strollers as well though. The primary benefit of the four wheels is additional balance if your cat moves around a lot while you’re walking. 

Four-wheel cat strollers have extra storage space to utilize when you’re walking around with your cat. 

Suitcase Style

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This stroller style is one that you can pull behind you like a suitcase rather than pushing it in front of you. 

If you’re taking your cat to the airport, this stroller serves as a rollable carrying case. It doesn’t have any additional compartments like the larger strollers have and is simply enough room for your feline. 

Should You Buy A Cat Stroller?

Cat strollers can be convenient to have around to introduce your cat to different environments. There are many benefits to having your cat used to laying inside a stroller; however, there are cons to them utilizing a stroller rather than walking. 


By having your cat used to getting inside an enclosed space you’ll be more able to travel with them when needed. This is a significant benefit for anyone who wants to do a lot of traveling, hiking, or driving with their cat. Since many cats dislike being in an enclosed unit with the additional bumps of a road, this can be a great training tool. 

Bringing your cat outside safely is also a great way to introduce new enrichment to them. This is especially important for indoor cats that don’t often get much change in the environment. Showing them new places, people, and animals, will force their minds to think and problem solve. This is a great brain exercise and will keep your cat sharp!


The major downfall of cat strollers is the lack of physical exercise for your cat. If you’re pushing your cat around in a stroller as a way for you to get exercise, they’re still stagnant. This is even more pressing for lazy breeds that don’t play independently at home. 

If your cat only plays when you initiate playtime, you shouldn’t use a walk with the stroller as their playtime. While it’s excellent brain enrichment, it doesn’t burn any calories or keep your cat’s muscles engaged. 

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use a stroller, but instead, you should also be very strategic in offering physical playtime. 

Buying Guide

Cat strollers come in a vast variety of options that you must consider before making a final purchase. 

With all of the considerations, taking your cat’s personality into account is vital. Each cat has different preferences when it comes to the size space they’re willing to be enclosed. Just like each cat will have a varying tolerance level for bumps while being pushed in the stroller. 

By covering all of the considerations listed, you’ll be sure to get the optimal stroller for your cat. 


Your cat is an integral part of the family. This is why their safety is the number one priority when considering a stroller. You’d never buy a baby stroller without checking the safety so why buy a cat stroller without researching safety? You must explore how safe and sturdy the wheels are on different surfaces and how durable the material is.

Durability is an essential part of safety as you don’t want the stroller to break while you’re out and about with your cat. This can put them at major risk of being hurt by the stroller or running away and getting injured. 

Always make sure the stroller has functioning breaks and that the wheels roll smoothly. This will reduce any jolting your cat may feel, which will keep them more comfortable and stress-free on your walks.


Depending on the terrain you’ll be walking on, you’ll want to opt for different wheels. Design is vital in ensuring your stroller has a high enough clearance and can stay steady while you walk. 

Often four wheels will feel like a smoother ride than three wheels. This is important if you plan to walk on gravel or an uneven surface. The suitcase-style stroller that you pull rather than push may not have a high enough clearance to walk around the neighborhood. 

Design is a personal preference that can change the way you can utilize the stroller. Therefore, be sure to think through your design preference thoroughly before making a purchase. 


To comfortably stroll with multiple cats you’ll need a stroller that’s designed specifically for more than one cat. A standard stroller will fit almost any breed size inside. 

However, if you have more than one cat, you’ll need a larger stroller. Otherwise, your cats will be cramped, which could cause fighting or irritation. 

With a lack of space also comes a lack of interest in using the stroller. Comfort and size are vital in creating a safe space that your cat will enjoy being in. The size is also crucial for those who don’t have a lot of space for a stroller and want a more compact option. 

Regardless of your needs, checking the measurements of strollers is a critical consideration for finding the right fit. 


If you plan to travel with or store your stroller somewhere in your home you’ll want a foldable option. Since the strollers can be pretty bulky, being able to fold the stroller into a more compact unit will save space in your home or garage between uses. 

Since foldable strollers have breakpoints, it’s even more important to check their safety. These may be more prone to breaking at the locations they fold, and you’ll be able to get a lot of information about this by reading customer reviews. 


There’s nothing worse than your cat having an accident in a brand new stroller. But, if you have washable material, then this won’t be a problem! If you plan to take your cat on trail walks or anywhere potentially muddy, it’s helpful to easily be able to wipe or hose off the stroller without causing damage. 

Getting a darker color and a quick to dry material will benefit cat owners living in wetter climates. 


Several high-end stroller brands are pretty expensive and have unnecessary luxury features. Depending on your needs, you can find strollers within any budget. 

Keep in mind that your price point will rise if you need a larger stroller to accommodate multiple cats. If you opt for water-resistant material or a generally more durable stroller, be prepared to spend slightly more. 

5 Tips To Get Your Cat To Use A Cat Stroller

Any new furniture brought into the home can be stressful for cats. If you simply throw your cat into the stroller and close the mesh, they’re likely to panic. If their introduction to the stroller induces stress, you’re unlikely to get them back into the stroller a second time. 

Take the introduction slow and give them time to go at their own pace. If you follow these five steps, you’re likely to have success with your cat stroller!

1. Investigation 

Give your cat at least one day to thoroughly investigate this new furniture on its own. Since cats are naturally curious, they’re likely to smell and jump on the stroller. It’s important not to force them inside or trap them during this day or two if they jump in themselves. 

Giving your cat the time and space to check the stroller on their own will understand that it’s not stressful. Only then will they be ready to start using the stroller. 

2. Positive Reinforcement

Once your cat has thoroughly checked the stroller out you can start to give them treats for going inside. Depending on the personality of your cat, you can do this one of two ways. 

You can put the cat in the stroller without closing the mesh and give them treats to stay inside. This will show your cat that it’s not a scary place and that you want them to sit in there. You can also wait for your cat to jump in the stroller itself then offer treats for staying. 

Whether they jump in themselves or you place them inside doesn’t matter in this step. The most important thing is that you don’t close them in and that you reward their behavior. 

3. Give Them Control 

During their investigation the stroller allows them to jump out whenever they want to. While you’re training them to get used to it, they should be able to come and go as they please. This will allow them to have some control which is vital in making them feel comfortable. 

You can even give them control later down the line by paying close attention to how long they enjoy being in the stroller. 

Even once they’re closed in, try to give them as much control over how long they stay in the stroller as possible. This will reinforce to them that the stroller is for their enjoyment, and they can come and go as they please.

4. Keep It Fun 

Try to stick to fun activities in the stroller. Once you’re able to close them in without a problem, take them on a fun walk around the neighborhood where they can see other animals and people. 

This will be ideal enrichment for them and will be something they can look forward to each day! If you start out with activities that aren’t very enriching for them, they may not want to get in the stroller next time you want them to. 

5. Keep It Short 

Keep your adventures in the stroller short in the beginning. Until they’re used to the way it feels riding in the stroller, by keeping it short, they won’t get to the point of stress wanting to get out. As they become more used to it, you’ll be able to keep them in the stroller for more extended periods without a problem. 

Cat Stroller Vs Walking Leash – What’s Better?

Taking your cat on a walk on a leash or in a stroller are both great options depending on your cat’s needs. 

For felines that require more exercise or enrichment, using a walking leash will be more interactive for them. However, not all cats are healthy enough to go on walks due to injuries or old age. 

If you have a cat that’s used to the outdoors you’ll have an easier time getting them on a leash to walk outside with you. 

The more willing they’re to have a harness on and exercise, the easier time you’ll have with them on a leash. 

However, more timid cats will often struggle to be leashed and be less willing to walk outside. Because of this, the number one factor to consider when deciding between a leash and stroller is your cat’s personality. 

Best Cat Stroller

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Conclusion On The Best Cat Stroller

Strollers provide a safe and comfortable way to take your cat on your next adventure. 

Before making any purchases, be sure to check the type of terrain your stroller can handle to ensure optimal safety. Getting your cat accustomed to being in a stroller can take time but will be successful if you slowly train. 

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