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Cats are opportunists by nature. Give them a fraction of a second, and whoosh, they’re gone out the front door. Some cats have a knack for getting themselves into trouble like getting stuck in trees. 

If this has happened to you before, perhaps you’ve wondered, how do you get a cat out of a tree? 

The majority of cats are great climbers, but getting down can be more of a challenge for them. 

Here are some simple yet effective tips you can use to help your cat get down from a tree. 

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees?

Before we get on to the tips let’s take a look at why cats might get stuck in trees. 

Cat’s claws are also designed to go in a single direction, either upward or straight. Due to their pointed claws, they can easily climb up a tree as an escape route in seconds if something is chasing them like a dog. 

With their weight over them at an angle, it’s hard for them to grip the tree for a steady forward descent. Smart cats will usually try to reverse back down from a tree trunk. This isn’t always the case if they are out on a smaller branch. 

For most cats, it’s relatively easy, and they’ll manage just fine on their own. For us, it can be a bit of fun watching them trying to figure it all out for the first time. 

If you have a cat that loves to be up high consider getting them a floor to ceiling cat tree

How To Get A Cat Out Of The Tree Safely?

One of the easiest ways to get a cat out of a tree is to use dry food or wet cat food. Place some of their favorite treats at the base of the tree and encourage them to come and eat. 

If you have an outdoor cat, they may not find it difficult to get out of a sticky situation. For an indoor cat, this can be a bit of a challenge. 

Below are some of the easiest and safest ways to free your cat stuck in a tree.

Understanding the situation – Keep Calm

Try not to panic and keep calm when you’re near the tree. Check the area around the tree and look if there is anything your cat might be afraid of or running from. 

Your anxious behavior is not going to help the situation, in fact, it will make your cat nervous. 

Have someone stand near the tree and keep an eye on them, making sure the cat stays calm. After some time, your cat might calm down by itself.

Encourage Your Cat Down With Food – Use Treats

Try to lure your cat down by showing him some treats or shaking his favorite food. It must be strong smelling like tuna or raw chicken. 

Call him by his name, or whistle, tap the can or even keep the food can open on the ground near the tree. All this will hopefully motivate your cat to get down. 

Ultimately, it’s up to your cat when they decide to come down unless you physically climb the tree and get them. I don’t recommend doing this though.

You can try placing a little bit of food higher up in the tree branches. This will hopefully encourage them to come toward the trunk and climb down. 

Give Them Help To Come Down The Tree With A Ladder

The easiest way to get your cat out of a tree is to arrange a sturdy ladder and lay it against the tree. 

Place the top part of the ladder near your cat so that he can climb down using the ladder. 

If someone has any experience climbing a tree, they can try to rescue the cat by climbing up the ladder. 

I still don’t recommend this as both you and the cat could get hurt should something go wrong. Just place the ladder and observe if your cat will use it to come down. 

You may be able to pick up and carry your cat down the ladder if it comes toward you while you’re standing on the ladder. You may want to wear thick gloves and long sleeves if you’re going to try this approach, as even the most placid cat may panic as you pick them up.

Use Toys Or A Laser Pointer

It is possible to encourage a playful cat to come down by using a lure that draws them toward the trunk of the tree. 

A laser pointer is an excellent solution because it can reach every branch of the tree, no matter how high it is. Don’t shine the light in your cat’s eye though. 

Once your cat has focused on the laser or toy, try to guide them toward where you want them to go. 

With any luck, your cat will follow the toy toward the trunk and then find its way down. 

Let The Come Down On Their Own Time

It may take some time for some cats to figure out how to get out of a tree on their own. When cats who are shy or timid are approached by people, they may feel uncomfortable and disappear into a tree.

For cats that are inclined to climb trees, it can be helpful to leave tasty food at the base and to keep an eye on your pet from a distance. When they become bored and hungry, they will hopefully come down by themselves.

Use Your Cat Carrier

This one requires some serious skill and patience. You will also have to be confident with rope and tying knots.

Look for a way to raise a cat carrier near where your cat is stuck. Set up some ropes so that you can pull a carrier up to them safely. Place tasty treats inside a carrier or clothing that has your scent to encourage them to get in. 

The carrier needs to be securely fastened with a rope, and the other end of the rope needs to be thrown over a nearby branch. As I said, this requires some serious skill. 

When you pull the carrier towards the branch, leave the carrier door open. If your cat climbs inside the carrier, you should quickly but carefully lower them to the ground. 

Some cats may not venture out to investigate the carrier until you secure the rope and leave the carrier out in the branches.

This is quite dangerous and should be a drastic last option. I’ve seen it done in person and it was very nerve-racking. 

Calling For Help – A Movie Cliché

If everything else fails and things aren’t going your way, you can try to get help from a professional. 

Don’t let the movies fool you, it’s not a great idea to call the fire service department. Instead, there are tree surgeons that have the proper equipment and experience to rescue your kitty. 

If you think that your cat is in danger, or they’re getting weak, then it’s better to have a professional handle the situation. 

Do Firefighters Get Cats Out Of Trees?

Some time ago, people used to call the firemen to help their cats stuck in trees. 

Nowadays, firemen are very busy with their daily routine and attending call-outs or emergencies. 

It’s more reasonable and sensible to call a tree trimmer to come and get your cat out of the tree. Better safe than sorry people say.

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Tree?

A cat can stay in a tree for days, hunger or boredom usually gets the best of them. 

It’s advised not to leave your cat stuck for more than 24 hours in a tree. Try to rescue them at the earliest possible or at the very least make sure they can get down safely on their own.

How High Can A Cat Survive A Fall From?

Cats can survive falls from a huge height with a shocking survival rate. 

There have been many stories from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association that 132 cats fell from 5.5 stories and survived with a 90% survival rate. While 1/3rd of them died due to lack of medical treatment. 

That being said, there are instances of cats falling from 26 stories and landing on solid ground, without injury. The known record fall height without injury for a cat is 46 stories. That’s just nuts! 


This can be a stressful situation for both a cat owner and a cat. So, make sure you rescue the cat safely from the tree without having any injuries. 

Most cats will figure it out on their own and usually, you’ll have nothing to worry about. If there are no predators that can harm your cat, leaving them be for a while will usually be enough for them to come down. 

Finally, cats will be cats. If they’re in a tree not harming anyone or any wildlife leave them be. My cats love to play in the trees during the day and are brought in at night so they can’t hunt any wildlife. 

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