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Celebrating our own birthday is awesome no doubt, but celebrating a cat birthday, now that’s a party!

It’s no secret humans spoil their pets no matter the occasion. In fact, any excuse to buy cat gifts is fine by me.

It All Starts With The Food

Of course, for you and your guests at the party, you can have some delicious treats to snack on. You can even bake a cat-friendly cake to share with you and your feline buddy, but more on that later. 

Your cat deserves to be spoilt with the best food you can give them. What I like to do is give them small samples of different varieties of food.

For example, a platter of fresh chicken, fresh Tuna and a small amount of their favorite dry food. 

This way they get to explore new smells and tastes, and you can also use this time to figure out what they like best. 

Invite Some Cat Loving Friends

Send out a cute cat invitation to your friends inviting your fellow cat lovers over to shower your kitty with love.

If your cat is social, then they’ll love all the attention they can get on their special day. You can even hand out cat ear headbands to all your guests to add that extra touch to the occasion. 

I would only recommend inviting all your friends over if your cat is comfortable having several people over.

If your kitty gets stressed out from loud noises or too many people in the house then obviously this is one to avoid.

Try Giving The Some Catnip Treats

If you and your friends are enjoying a few drinks, it’s only right your cat gets to join in on the fun right? 

Now I don’t mean go and pour your kitty a glass of wine, instead give them some catnip. According to, when a cat eats catnip it will act as a sedative. However, when your cat smells the stuff it could go a little crazy or hyperactive. 

You may witness your cat rolling around, flipping over or pawing at it. It is thought to mimic feline pheromones, which could explain this behavior. 

There are plenty of catnip toys available to be purchased online or just head down to your local pet store. Either way, it’s guaranteed to give them some great entertainment. 

Give The Perfect Gifts

Picking the Purr-fect gift for your cat shouldn’t be difficult, but you are spoilt for choice with options. 

If you’re looking to give a gift, a good place to start is with decorations or something that’s needed for the day. 

For example, a cat-themed table setting could be a good idea. Something cute like cupcake toppers or cat headbands works well too.  

If you’re a baker, you can offer to bake the cake for the day. One step better would be to bake the cat birthday cake.

Here Are My Top 5 Gift Ideas Below. 

Below are my top picks for the perfect gift to celebrate your next cat’s birthday. They can be super simple if you’re gifting something to a friend’s cat.

If you’re looking for a gift for your own kitty, perhaps you want to spoil them with something as awesome as a new cat tree.

Organic Cat Grass Growing kit with Organic Seed Mix, Organic Soil and Cat Planter.

This complete kit has everything you need to grow cat grass. Cat grass makes for a great past time for your cats.

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass for Indoor Cats -...
  • Your Cat Deserves the Best: Our cat...
  • Cat Plant Magic: Add a soil disk, a...
  • Good for Cats, Good for All: Not only...

It’s easy to grow and can be used as decorations inside your home. Not to mention the planter is super cute. You can read more about cat grass by clicking this link.

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

A window perch is a great gift idea for your cat as it will allow them to gaze out the window while they nap.

Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch (Large) Black...
  • Mounts to Windows using Giant PATENTED...
  • Humane Society Approved and Easy to...
  • Made with Super Tough 3/4" PVC Plastic...

This perch will stand the test of time with its strong build quality and giant suction cups. It can take a beating and will suit all cats.

If you’re handy with some simple tools, or you wish to tackle a DIY you can read how to make your own DIY cat perch here.

Read more about cat window perches here!

Cat-Opoly – A Cat Themed Monopoly

For the humans of the party. It’s exactly what you’d expect, a cat-themed Monopoly board game.

Late for the Sky CAT-opoly Board Game White, Large
  • 2-6 Players, Ages 8 and up
  • This game has all the excitement of a...
  • Buy your favorite cats then collect...

Bring this to the next cat birthday party and you will have hours of entertainment.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Mocha Small 16 Inch

Give your cat some luxury for their next birthday. The K&H thermo kitty bed is exactly that.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Bed Heated Cat Bed Small...
  • SECURITY: This indoor heated cat bed...
  • AUTOMATIC: Electric heated cat bed is...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Heated cat cup is low...

It’s built well and cat owners seem to love it. The cat bed is controlled by an electronic thermostat which will automatically respond to temperature changes.

This means it will warm the bed to your pet’s normal body temp, but only when your kitty is in the bed.

BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo 57-72 inches Tall

It’s huge, it’s well made and it will provide your feline friend with unlimited entertainment.

New Navy Blue 73" Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo...

With a selection of cat condo’s to sleep in and perches to sit on, this cat tower is a great gift idea. It’s big enough to suit homes with multiple cats and is built to last.

Capture The Moment

Another clever way to celebrate a cat’s birthday is by capturing the moment. Most people have good quality smartphones these days and these take great videos and pictures. 

For that extra cute touch, you can always try picking up a polaroid camera. These cameras are great and add a little fun when taking pictures. 

One polaroid that I’d recommend is the Fuji Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. They are very personal and you can use different filters to create a very unique image. 

Bake A Cat-Friendly Cake

I’m serious! Buzzfeed has an article on how to bake a cake that your cat can enjoy. This way when it comes to cake time you all can enjoy a slice. 

You’ll still have to blow out the candle for your feline bestie but hey, we can’t always have our cake and eat it too.

Just remember who’s cake is who’s, you wouldn’t want to serve up kitties cake to your guests. Although that would make for a great story. 

Repeat After Me – More Treats

Treats never fail and your cat will love you for it. Get creative and set up an obstacle course that your cat has to get through finding treats along the way. 

If you already give kitty plenty of treats, perhaps you could go out and get them something new. This will stimulate their senses and allow them to explore new foods. 

Friskies make a 20oz chicken lovers treat that pet owners rave about. Just don’t give them the whole tub at once. 

Dress Ups And Face Painting

If you have kids or you yourself like to dress up, then your cat’s birthday is a great excuse to take advantage of a fancy dress up.  

You could go as far as wearing a full one-piece catsuit, or invest in a cosplay outfit. If you want to get your kids involved without the dress up you can try face painting. 

Cat face painting can be a ton of fun, and your little ones will love wearing cat makeup. 

Set Up Some Games

Every cat’s birthday should include some games. You can set up some empty boxes that they can hide in. Soon enough you’ll find yourself playing chasey with them. 

You can also set up their cat tunnels to make a maze for them to sprint through. Incorporate any cat furniture you already have if you can. 

Of course, there is always a bunch of board games you can play with your invited guests while kitty runs around like crazy. 

Cat Decorations

Decorating appropriately for your cat’s birthday is very easy. There are tons of options available online to decorate your home. 

Anything from streamers, to balloons, will get the job done. You can go a step further with cat-themed food decorations and special cat birthday invitations. 

It’s a good idea to get decorations that both look good and your cat can play with. Streamers work extremely well for this, my cat’s love to run and pounce through them. 

Organize A Spa Treatment

I’ve spoken about a party, but what about some quiet time for kitty. If you want to give the gift of massage to your loved one you can look into getting a professional cat masseuse. Yeh, they exist. 

A cat massage will help your cat relax and it’s also really good for them. It will help increase joint mobility and can even relieve some pain they might have. 

This is a really good option if your kitty is a little older now and would prefer to lounge around rather then play chasey with you. 

How To Celebrate A Cat’s Birthday In Style


Start by sending out cute cat invitations to your closest friends, friends your cat is familiar with and likes of course. 

It’s probably not the best idea to encourage all your friends to bring their cats and dogs over, as this will likely make your cat very uncomfortable. Don’t forget to invite anyone that may have been a cat sitter for you in the past. 

Once the date is set it’s time to think about setting the place up with decorations. 

The Decorations

It’s a good idea to pick a theme for the day. For example, a high tea set is a good option. You could great guests with a tea set decorated with cats. These are actually pretty cheap to buy online. 

You can also have plenty of balloons and streams hanging throughout the home. And finally, you can buy or make your own cat-themed headbands for everyone to wear. 

If you want to stand out from the rest, you can try your hand at some cat face painting and wear some cat makeup. 

The Food

Aside from the fact it’s your cat’s birthday, food will be the other main focus for the day. Shower your kitty and your friends in treats, cakes, and tea. 

I mentioned above you can actually bake a cake that your cat will be able to enjoy. 


Keep the kids and kitties entertained with plenty of things to do and games to play. As I already mentioned above, you can set up obstacle courses. Your kids can then play chasey with their feline friend all day long. 

The Presents

Allocate a time where you and your friends will give your gifts to the birthday kitty. It can be a little overwhelming at times for some cats, so take your time. 

Bring them gifts one at a time and avoid any loud surprises. Nothing will ruin your cat’s day more than a screaming jack in the box. 

Finally, if you have spoilt your cat enough on their special day, you can always ask your friends to donate a small amount to your local shelter. We both know they could use it. 

Conclusion On The Best Cat Birthday Ever

Well, there you have it. I hope the above will give you some great ideas on how to celebrate a cat birthday. 

The most important thing is to make sure your cat is enjoying themselves. It’s about them after all and I’m sure as long as they have food and toys they’ll be happy. 

I hope you get to share many more happy birthdays with your furry friend.

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