Hey, I’m Russell, I grew up in a multi pet family home in Australia. I first fell in love with cats as a child and was always fascinated by their endless antics.  


When my brother graduated primary school way back in 1998, my mother bought home the cutest grey and white kitten named Harry. 


Two years later when I eventually graduated, I was surprised to see another kitten in our home. Meet Sally mom said, a typical striped Tabby full of energy.  


Yes growing up my brother and I had cats named Harry and Sally, don’t judge us! 


Harry, was the most amazing cat. He couldn’t get enough hugs and pats and I believe he was more human than a cat. He lived for 20 amazing years and was purring till the end. 


Sally, who was Harrys best friend also lived for 20 beautiful years. She didn’t like to be held for too long although, as she got older she did enjoy the odd cuddle.  


Over the years I’ve learned a tremendous amount about cats.


One thing I noticed is a lack of good quality information that you can trust on the net. It was out of that frustration that I decided I would put together a site covering all things about cat ownership.


Grubby Cat aims to bring fresh and exciting content that provides real value. 


I’m not a qualified vet, nor do I proclaim to be a cat expert and that’s exactly why I have a qualified vet proofread every one of my articles. That way I can make sure I give correct information when needed and can confidently pass that onto you. 


All the content on this site has been overseen by our in house veterinarian, D.V.M Maya D.


Russell Cargill, Founder of Grubby Cat

What To Do Now

If you made it to Grubby Cat that means you are also looking to further your knowledge on cats and how to be a better cat owner.

Here is the good news, below is some simple guides to get you started on your way. Select either of our best cat food guide or cat nutrition guides to get started.


I hope you enjoy our content and if there is something you’d like to see on our website get in touch with us, we’d love to hear them. 

In Loving Memory of Harry & Sally

1998 - Harry as a Kitten
2021 - Sally, 20 years old