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Meet Grubby Cats Owner

Hi I’m Russell, I grew up in a multi pet family home. I first fell in love with cats as a child. I still remember my first kittens Harry & Sally ( original I know ).

Harry, was a grey and white tabby that lived for 20 amazing years, while Sally, a stripped tabby and Harrys best friend is currently 20 years old. 

Here at GrubbyCat I aim to cover all things Cat’s. Bringing fresh and exciting content that provides real value. Extensive product reviews that will be your guide when purchasing anything cat related.

Moving forward I hope to become the Go-To site for all things cats.

Grubby Cats Team Member

Meet Kit Kennedy

Growing up on a farm in Victoria, Australia, Kit’s childhood was filled with a variety of furry companions. Amongst these were 13 farm cats, some of who were abandoned or rescued. 

Although those farm days are long gone, Kit’s passion for cats has never waned. Her current cat, Hector, is her editor-in-chief and principle fact-checker.